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Searching – 70’s? BLACK & WHITE RACCOON Windup BRAHMS LULLABY — 4 Comments

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    Per your description this is the wrong song but might give a picture or other helpful clues if similar otherwise.


  2. Brian wrote that the Eden raccoon is nothing like the one he had. He hasn’t been able to find a photo, but he did add it’s black and white.

  3. I am looking for a raccoon wind up stuffed animal also. He did not have a “key” but a wind up part like this https://i299.photobucket.com/albums/mm292/xromanticxshadowx/windup.png .
    The one I had was all a dark grey color (but he could have been white before, I was the 3rd person to have him and I was born a good 12 years after it was made) and the only thing that was not the dark grey was the black around his eyes and the black ears. I do not remember Brahms lullaby from the raccoon, but I do remember that when ever I played the music I would always think of rain for some reason. I remember his snout was very pointed (maybe do to us kids nibbling on the button nose.) and it was a upside down triangle nose, and it was shiny and smooth, not felt covered or round or anything.

    He also did not have fur, but I can not remember why type of fabric he was made of. He was stuffed, no beans or anything, and he was bottum heavy from the music box.

    Does this sound like the one you are talking about? If so I really hope I can find a photo of him this weekend at my father’s. If I do I will post it, unless you have found the raccoon already, if so can you please upload an image?

  4. If you do not want to click the link, I think this will just add the image


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