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Searching – 80’s SMALL YELLOW DUCK — 4 Comments

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    I would like to ask a few questions. Are the wings white. The white spot on the head….is that a hole, or is there a white spot on the head. Are the legs thick and round like a teddy bear? Did it originally have on any ribbons or clothes? Thanks for the info

  2. Yes, the wings are white. The spot on the head it a tuft of white. It is a little bit furrier than the rest of the duck. The legs are thick and round just like a teddy bear’s. They are yellow except for orange circles that serve as the ‘feet’. As far as I know, it came just like this with no sort of clothing or anything.

  3. The duck in that auction is very similar to mine, but it isn’t the exact same. Thank you very much for looking though!