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FOUND – 1986 Mattel HUGGY BUDDY FEELIN’ SPECIALS OW! IT HURTS! TALKING Gray and White CAT Top Priority — 29 Comments

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    Tami, I am not sure the age, maybe made in the 70’s or early 80’s..Abby wore the tail but right now it is about 6 inches long but it was longer..

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    I’ve been searching all day off and on. I’m pretty sure it is going to be a Mattel 1986 toy. See if this dog looks right brand as your cat.
    EBAY item # 190257339288

    it might be called something like Huggie Buddie or Huggy Buddy

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    tami, thank you so much for the info! I went on ebay and saw the rabbit, just like the cat as far as what it says, but I cannot see where to purchase it..it might be gone..i contacted the seller and am waiting to hear back..i cannot thank you enough for finding this info on the cat!!

  4. well, the talking rabbit is sold..the dealer contacted me and that was the reason there was not a “click” button to purchase it…Thank you for the help tami..have been doing searches since you came up with the name but to no avail..i do appreciate your help very much!

  5. Oh my goodness. I have this cat! My parents gave it to me when I was 4, which would have been 1986, on the way to the hospital for surgery. Sorry, but I can not part with it and unfortunatly I left the batteries in too long and it no longer works. It says things like "Ouch that hurts" when you squeeze its tail and ears, "Oh that feels good" when you rub its head, pat it on the back and it says "flurp, oh excuse me" hug it and says"Oh I love you to", tickle it and it says HEE HEE HEEE HEEE HEEE that tickles. I carried that cat EVERYWHERE. I was actually looking for information about it when I found your post. Mom said she has never seen that cat in the stores since she bought that one. I actually had it out tonight looking at it trying to get it to work again.


  6. How do I post a picture on here? I will take a picture, but I dont know how to post it on here. Also, for some reason it is not letting me log in keeps saying my password is wrong. hmm. Anyway, I will be GLAD to post a picture as soon as I figure out how to


  7. You'll have to use the Contact Us form first. Then you can reply with the photo to the email I send you. That's to protect me from the freaks and their inappropriate photos.

  8. Dirty butter, if you would like to give me your email, I will send you the picture. I have tried to send one on here several times and can not figure it out.

  9. Thanks Elizabeth. I don't have it yet, but will email you back just as soon as possible, so you can send the photo. I really do appreciate your willingness to make this work.

    I spend the day opening emails from people unsolicited, so I have to use the cumbersome Contact form to separate the Junk Mail from the legitimate mail.

  10. No problem. Like I said earlier, I was actually looking for information on this cat when I came across this website. I was beginning to think I was the only one out there to have this cat. Sorry I am not willing to give it up just yet, but this little girl wouldnt want this one since I ruined it by leaving the batteries in too long. I would LOVE to find someone that could fix it, that would be awesome. This cat and my original Teddy Rexben, I just cant bring myself to get rid of them. Hope you can find a working cat for this girl. The cat that she has now, is it one of these cats or just a stuffed cat? Good luck with your search, I looked all over the internet last night and could find NOTHING not even on ebay and ebay usually has everything lol.


  11. moonbeam43302 at yahoo dot com

    If still looking for this cat, I'm getting ready to list it on ebay. I will have it up within the next few hours. Search keywords cat mattel vintage huggie!!


  12. Peggy, are you the one that is also bidding on this cat? I was bidding on it and someone keeps outbidding me. If it is you trying to get it for the little girl, let me know and I will stop bidding the little girl needs it more then me. I would just like to have it cause mine no longer works and this one looks better then mine. Please let me know, I want this little girl to have it over me.
    Elizabeth aka catlover

    ps. I am on a new computer and have forgotten my password that is why I am not under my user name "catlover"

  13. I happened to be searching for the same cat! I had one that was all white! What a coincedence. Well I can only find the one cat that your talking about on ebay. i have no idea where to find another cat. Maybe around thrift stores and what not.

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    If you Contact us, we will try to help you find the white version of this cat.

  15. Oh that would be wonderful! I'm assuming I just go to the 'contact us' link. I'll do that now! how wonderful! i'm so excited! thank you for your response!
    Rebecca W.

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    Don't know if you are still looking, but here is the cat on Ebay 150396818940. Replaced one around a year ago, they are extremely hard to find. Have a Great Day & Good Luck=)

  17. WOW! I would have LOVED to bid on that one but $90 plus $9 shipping and handling is WAY too much.. The other one sold for about $50 and thats only because me another person kept bidding on it. Thanks for letting us know about it.. good luck on selling it.. Like I said, only 2 of us were bidding on the last one and it started out somewhere around $5 in perfect condition.
    Good luck
    Elizabeth aka catlover

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    Hi Elizabeth,
    I am not the seller of the item – I just look on here periodically and help others find lost lovies if I can. Just happened upon this one and thought I would let you all know. Yes the price is a bit high, but the rarer ones always are. Good Luck and Happy Holidays:)

  19. Thanks for letting us know about it. I mean it is in great condition, but yes that price is very high. I think one of these days I will just try to get mine fixed, if that is possible. I mean, really that is the one that has value to me. I always thought I was the only one that had one cause no one seems to know about these cats but then there are 2 on ebay in the past month..
    Thanks again and Merry Christmas

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    Elizabeth it looks like the ebay one has a best offer option so you may be able to get it cheaper??
    Merry Christmas

  21. Was this kitty ever found and replaced? I have one but he does NOT work. He had gotten damp and all of the insides/wiring were no good. I thought he was a cute looking fellow, so I took the time to restore him for LOOKS not the ability to talk. He has been fully cleaned and restuffed. I would be willing to send him along to a girl who needs him. I will only let him go to this girl as he was loved by me as a child and I spend a deal of time "fixing" him up. He has some sentimental value, but not so much that I would keep him from her if she needed someone to hug and hold. He is in GREAT shape outside, like new. Very clean. Would she love him though he didn't talk in his "Huggy Buddy" voice?

  22. That is wonderful that you were willing to give your cat up. There was one on Ebay last week and she got that one for the little girl. I didnt realize that I was bidding against her when we were bidding so the price went for $46 on that one. I would love to see the little girls face when she gets her new kitty.

  23. Well, that's good she has the kitty. I feel better knowing she won't be without. I won't be getting rid of mine, so if this girl doesn't get hers for some reason, contact me RedfeatherATcoreDOTcom. He may not be functional for talking, but he is functional for hugs and love. He is actually softer and lighter without that heavy electronic stuff. My heart can't bear to think of her "friend" falling apart. I am 31 years old and can deal with mine being shipped off to a girl that needs him. My two year old daughter has NO emotional ties to him, so I will part with him. It is all about giving and caring and if this is what I can do to make the world a little better, all I want is the shipping cost.