1. Did this stuffed dog by chance say “Dum, Da, Da, Dum, Dum, Woof, Woof!?” Was it activated by sound? Like if someone clapped or shut a door? I had one like this and I know it said many things, but it scarred the daylights out of my sister in her bedroom in our dark basement one day when she walked into her room w/the lights off, opened a drawer to grab a sweater… and when she slammed the drawer shut the thing said “Dum, Da, Da, Dum, Dum, Woof, Woof!” We have never seen her run so fast or scream so hard!!! lol. I would love to find one and buy it for a b-day present 4 her… or maybe stick it in her room under her bed or something. (HEHE) What an evil little sister I can be. She will think it’s funny though… after she catches her breath, of course! POST CODE #041209-2

  2. I don’t remember it saying that particular saying or that it was activated by sound. But then again it was many years ago and I could be wrong. All I remember about my Henry is I could press different parts of his body to make him talk. If I find anything like that I will send the info your way. Hopefully both of us can find them soon!

  3. This stuffed animal is VERY difficult to find. I have one, though mine has dark brown ears and dark brown foot bottoms. The rest of his fur is white. I have had mine since 1987. I named mine Trigger. If I find any to purchase, I will let you know. But I think these toys are pretty much destroyed or in the hands of people who won’t part with them. =( My mattel dog is the first thing I grab whenever I move. I refuse to lose him.

  4. OMG OMG OMG I had this when i was little and i have been trying to find it for YEARS online and have had no luck. If ANYONE knows where I can find one…

  5. 04122009-2
    ebay Item number: 270521775745

    It is a 1986 Mattel Huggy, or Huggie Buddy
    Feelin' Specials Dog

    Two hands – I'm a good buddy, I'm your huggie
    Two under the arms and two bottom of his feet – he giggles, says, it tickles!
    Tail, two ears – ooow, it hurts! it hurts!
    Upper back – burp, oh excuse me!
    Lower back – mmm, I love you too!
    Top of the head – mmm, this feels good
    He does need 4 "AA" batteries to work.

  6. I have the white one with brown ears! I have had this toy sense I was 4 years old and now my 2 year old plays with it from time to time but he is very special to me so I take him away when she gets rough with him. A few of his sayings are not working anymore which is kinda a bummer. I hope you find one!

  7. I have a Huggy Buddy plush brown dog that I would be willing to sell. It is in excellent shape. Very clean. I know they are hard to come by. What would you be willing to pay for him. My son use to call him Charlie. lol

  8. Thank God for the internet!!! This dog was a classic!!!
    I thought it had a dirty mind though

  9. I have one of these dogs. Brown, pink heart, still in working condition. Please email me if you’re an interested buyer ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I am looking for Huggy Buddy Need it for a gift. brown with brown ears. Please Please contact me if you have one to sell. Thank you

  11. I also have the white dog with the brown ears and bottoms of feet. I was going to list him on eBay because he works! Please let me know if you are interested ๐Ÿ™‚