Donald is still looking for this animal.

Hi…I am trying to locate any information possible about an old stuffed animal my sister used to have. She thinks it was a giraffe. Dollcraft? Jeebee? They are two possibilities, but wish I knew for sure.

70's Sears? Multi-Colored Flower Giraffe? Donkey?It would have been bought in approximately 1970-72. We live in Nova Scotia, but the toy was definitely pictured in an old Sears catalog around the same time…of that I am sure. I’m just not sure if it had been listed as an item for sale or part of a background display for something else.

My sister thinks it was a giraffe, and it could very well be…although with the flowers and funky colors I’m not sure..might be a donkey? If memory serves it was filled with Styrofoam balls, but could have been straw? It was around 24 inches long. It was multicolored, with kind of psychedelic flower pattern, a big smiling red mouth, and half moon slits in the eyes. It had a soft fuzzy coat.

I would love to know more about it, and, if I can, locate one to buy. I’ve been searching for any trace for two years with no luck.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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Searching – 70s Sears WILD MULTI-COLOR FLOWER GIRAFFE DONKEY? — 4 Comments

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    This is not exact. It is smaller and a different floral pattern but came from the japan in the 1970 according to the description. Might be worth looking for information.

    ebay # 250911927865 FLORAL GIRAFFE vintage stuffed animal strange doll Japan 1970s Jestia plush 7″

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    I found some vintage plushie brands that might be possibilities for his maker:

    Minnesota Animal Fair


    Columbia Toy Products

    A&L Novelty Co.

    Superior Toy & Novelty Inc.

    Knox Kreations

    Brooklyn Doll & Toy Co.

    Genie Toys Inc.

    Wonder Toy Co.


    Dollcraft Industries

    Hadaya & Co.

    BJ Toys

    Atlanta Novelty




    A lot of vintage plushies were also made in Japan and Korea, so this may be a possibility, too. I hope this is helpful. 🙂

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    Well say, if I may ask, please, what kind of ears did he have, did he have a mane, and did he have any horns on his head?

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