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Searching – 80’s Fisher Price YELLOW PLAID RABBIT BLANKIE Will take other colors — 9 Comments

  1. Hi! These were actually made in 1979 (what it says on the tag) so when you search, include that. You are really not going to find one that doesn't get bid up to $100 or more. I have sold 2 and not gotten less than that. The best thing to do is try every keyword you can think of & search, search, search! Because the economy is sad right now, you might get lucky & find one cheap!

  2. AND there is a yellow one on eBay right now. Bids are at $61.50 as I write this with a little over a day to go. The number is 350314532856. Good luck! Lucinda

  3. ebay Item number: 180469647009
    Item number: 260553579671
    Item number: 220556124848

    cheaper reproduction very cute
    ebay Item number: 370185313580

  4. POST CODE #021310-1
    If you are still searching try

    ebay # 300591698998 yellow not cheap
    ebay # 330605636403 yellow bid currently at $51

    However with cost being what they are for this item here is a link that you might be interested in
    It is a person who used SUSAN’S SEW-NIQUE also a link to Susan on plush memories.

    Best wishes and let us know how it is going.

  5. Thanks, Carrie. I sent this to the mailing list. I usually suggest Susan’s version when they first ask for help, due to the price these always go for.

  6. POST CODE #021310-1
    ebay #300792719150 bid
    ebay #170925051343 bid
    ebay #251166307343 bid or buy now
    ebay #221126531956
    ebay #120996590904
    ebay #180970311269
    ebay #180970310533

    ebay #110963389559

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