Judith has quit looking for this 16 inch cat, but Kathleen is still looking for the 13 inch version.

Baby Gund Dottie Dots No. 58239 Pink CatWe bought my daughter this large Baby Gund Dottie Dots No. 58239 pink kitty before she was born. She has slept with it in her crib since birth. Around 6 months old or so she began to cuddle up to it and rub her fingers on the paws when taking naps, and it wasn’t long before she couldn’t sleep without it. Soon enough it took on the name, “Pink Kitty” and began traveling with us on vacations. Pink Kitty often is a guest at tea parties in my daughter’s room and joins us for meals at our dinner table.

My daughter will be turning 4 in just a couple weeks, and she still loves her pink kitty more than anything. The theme of her party will be kitties and guess who is attending…???…of course Pink Kitty. This kitty is very important to her, and she plays with it every day. We are looking for a replacement, since it has gotten several holes or tears in it over the last year or two. I have sewed it several times and it definitely looks worn due to washing it, too (the dots on the paws are so faded you can hardly see them). Of course, I have to be sure kitty isn’t in the washer when it’s nap time.

I can’t spend more than $30.00 for it, but if you could help us locate a replacement we would be so grateful.

Thanks for your help!


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Originally posted Monday – 08/03/2010


DISCONTINUED – Baby GUND No. 58239 Large PINK DOTTIE DOTS CAT — 10 Comments

  1. Hi Judith, here she is but I’m afraid not perfect and quite expensive 160461933914. Best of luck.

    POST CODE #16835

  2. Since it has a place that needs stitching, I think I’d try the Make an Offer on this one for around $48 to $50. Can’t hurt to try. Good luck!

  3. I have seen a couple of them posted on ebay in the past months but they are beyond what I can pay….I am praying for someone to find it on this site for a lot less.

  4. Holy Cow…they want $99 for it. Thanks so much but I can’t pay that for it.

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