Searching – 80’s Fisher Price PINK PIG ANIMAL GRABBER — 16 Comments

  1. Post code 20953. I have one of these Penelope pig rattles I would like to share with the woman looking for one. Thanks.

  2. Thank you Tina! I have emailed you back. I look forward to hearing from you about post #20953 and the piggy grabber.


  3. I am also looking for one of these my wife has had hers for 32 years and our cleaner mistook it for a rag and threw it away

    She is devastated can anyone help?


  4. I have been looking for a Penelope Pig for years. My son didn’t
    sleep a night without his from age one-six. Then he hid it ‘for safe keeping’ while he went to school. In 5th grade he was in a car accident, and while they were putting stitches in his face, he asked for ‘Pig’ so he could hold its ear. Anyone have one?
    Post Code #20953

  5. Looking for ” Penelope Pig” animal grabber from the ’80’s. I believe it is Fisher Price.
    Post Code #20953

  6. If anyone has one, please contact me- this was my favorite toy as a child, I slept with it every night, but my parents lost it in a move.
    Post Code #20953

  7. Looking for the Fisher Price Toys Pink PIG Plush Grabber Terry Cloth Bell Rattle. I had it as a child and still do. First baby I had loved it and now second baby does but poor piggy is falling apart. Please help!!!!
    Post Code #20953

  8. I have a Penelope Pig searching for another home. If interested in purchasing, contact me. Thanks.
    Post Code #20953

  9. If anyone is looking for a pig or elephant animal grabber /rattle there is currently one of each on eBay. I’m currently looking for a Dexter dog if anyone has one for sale??
    Many thanks
    Post Code #20953

  10. Post Code 20953
    I’m desperately searching for a Penelope the Pig. My brother had one when he was a baby, and his wife just gave birth to his firstborn. I would love to be able to give this to him so he can pass it down to his little boy.

    Many thanks (and hugs)
    Post Code #20953

  11. Post code 20953.. Sabrina again..I am so sorry, it was NOT names Penelope (other pig)
    I need the grabber pig.


    Post Code #20953

  12. I have the pink pig made by fisher price # 437, copyright 1978. It is the toy pig shown above. If that’s what you are searching for, I have it available.
    Post Code #20953

  13. DENNY!!!

    Email me. I would like it please!

    Holy CRAPWEASELS I’m about to cry.
    Post Code #20953

  14. If anyone still has one of these I would love it!! I have had one for 35 years now and have a daughter who is 7 months old I would love for her to have one! Please contact me!!
    Post Code #20953

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