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Searching – 80′s Green PUFFALUMP ELEPHANT with Sailor Collar — 8 Comments

  1. Hey Kathy!

    I you have been looking for Ellie online. My dog just recently ate her and I have been heartbroken ever since. I am 24 now and have literally had her for my whole life! My mother bought her just before I was born in 88′. I was wondering if you have had any luck Finding a new Ellie… Call me crazy but I have had issues sleeping ever since the incident.

  2. Sorry Meagan; I haven’t. I completely understand your anquish since you lost your special friend. If I find anything will let you know.

  3. I used the previous eBay post and it was the right one!!!! I bought her and am in heaven!!!! THANK YOU for all your help! 😀 good luck in your search, Kathy!

  4. POST CODE #25144

    I could be wrong as no brand is given for ebay listing but looks very similar.
    ebay #140934938856

  5. Hello,
    I’m also looking for this puffalump!it is for a gift.please could you help me?!
    Thanks in advance


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