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Searching – 2000? White Rabbit with White Eyelet Lace Collar — 3 Comments

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    Could this be the bunny or very similar?

    ebay #230869906839 13″ 1988 VTG Moonbeam Toys White Bunny Rabbit Lace Collar Stuffed Animal Plush

  2. I have been searching for this bunny as it was my favorite bunny from childhood! I loved mine so much that all I have left are the extremities (whatever the fabric that it’s body is made of is so flimsy!). Now that I have children of my own, it would be so amazing to find a replica! Anyway, I got mine in 1992 from a family friend in Uniontown, PA. Not sure if that might help narrow your search! Best of luck!

    Post Code #25714

  3. My boyfriend got this from his grandfather in 1996 from a department store in New Jersey called Fortunoff’s. That is all I have figured out in the last two years of looking for this bunny.
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