FOUND – KIDS II "YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE " Bunny Rabbit — 7 Comments

  1. Thanks so much!! I have emailed Amber with the address.

    I am not sure it is the right color, though.

  2. I’m pretty sure I have this, just like the picture…I don’t think we’ve gotten rid of it, but my daughter hasn’t played with it in 3 years or so (and she’s only 4 and a half!) Please let me know if this is still needed!

  3. Amber may have already gotten the one from eBay, but she hasn’t written me about it. I’ll send your email to her, so she can contact you directly.

    Thanks, Maranie, so much for reading the posts and finding someone you could possibly help!!!

  4. Hi, I’m also looking for this bunny. My mom gave one to my daughter, and it got given away by accident. She’s cried over missing it now on two occassions (wide apart), so I’d really like to find one! My Google search took me here. Help!

  5. We recently found both the Press and Pull versions of the YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE bunny rabbit. They are on page 27 of our catalog.

    I have no way of contacting Chris, and none of the others I contacted has responded.

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