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  1. Hi Penny,

    I have scoured the internet in hopes of another image or something that would confirm that this cat was made. I can’t find a thing which makes me also doubt this cat was made. Have you contacted Hallmark to confirm that the plush version was produced?



  2. Hi Brieanna,
    I tried contacting Hallmark and they disclaimed any knowledge or responsibility of plush Hallmark Card animals. They started sending me email advertisements and order forms, online, for the Hallmark line of ornaments and figurines. That was at the beginning of my search, off and on for two years. I contacted dealers of Hallmark cards and their keepsakes. I contacted stores that had at one time carried Hallmark but discontinued line. I have contacted other plush animal distributors of new and used plush. I gave up rather quickly because nobody seemed to give a care. I would have thought that Hallmark, themselves, would be a very interested party in the search of a series they sponsored and distributed in 1986. You know, like they show their warmth and kind thoughts on their cards and ornaments that create such memorable holidays. I not only wonder about Taffi, but the existence of the Hallmark they betray in ads.
    Mama is there a real Hallmark? ha ha.
    I must admit, one lady contacted me about a year after I started my search. I had all but Taffi. She was offering me a set of all 5. I could not afford it at that time. I did not save her information. How I wish I had! I would have been able to save the money. I think she may have offered me a good amount of time to keep the set until I was able to purchase the set. I did not want to commit to something I had no way of guaranteeing. There was no pressure on her part, either. I was obviously not thinking clearly. (menopause?)

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    If you type Purrrsonality Cat in the search box of this sight and read the comments it would appear that it does exist. Unfortunately it or information appears to be very rare.

  4. Post Code #090308-2

    Ebay # 310326644905 They call this one fat cat lace collar ends later tonight.

    Found under Purrsonality cat. Hope this helps.

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