FOUND – Playskool SNUZZLES Blankies ELEPHANT with QUILTED EARS — 12 Comments

  1. if someone finds this in giraffe, i would greatly appreciate it. I, personally, am 21 years old and my late grandmother gave me this same type stuffed animal and i have been searching for years for a replacement. believe it or not, mine looks worse for the wear!



  2. Hi, guys!Look what I found just now! The price is Waaaay out there, but it's the elephant you are looking for!

    Ebay #350273420499

  3. POST CODE #062109-1

    I’m not sure which item is being searched for, but I was wondering if this was the right item, currently on ebay at #300400691480

    Best of luck~! (i’m looking for the cow in blue 🙁 …)


  4. Thanks for helping with the search, Rabby. I don’t think anyone wants this version, but I did send your info to the mailing list, just in case.

  5. 062109-1 There are 2 of the quilted ear plaid playskool elephants on ebay. One is very high and the other is reasonable giving that is hard to find.


  6. Thanks, Kim, for helping with the search. That’s actually one listing, rather than two. I’ve sent the link along to the mailing list.

  7. Thanks so much, Pam. She’s found one, but I failed to change it to a FOUND post. Sorry for wasting your time on this one.

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