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  1. My son's 35th birthday is around the corner and his favorite childhood toy was his Ollie. His first child/son is about 17 months old and I can think of no better present for him – a gift that only a parent would understand. I know that it will bring him great joy. He will love it even better than the real light saber that he got for Christmas last year.

  2. I am looking for the exact same thing. Searched ebay with no success. I have a polaroid of my wife on one as a toddler, and would love to buy one for our new baby girl. If anyone finds one please let me know!


  3. Since I can't contact several of you, I'm putting this warning that was emailed to me here, so you can make an informed decision:

    'You are looking for the Little Tikes Ollie. My father was the engineer for little tikes on the Ollie project. He has told me many times how dangerous this toy is. I am telling you this as and FYI so if you get it, please DO NOT have a child ride around on it. The center of gravity was too high and the wheels were too narrow (not short and wide). If you are riding it in a drive way and hit a crack or a raised slab in the driveway, the child will fall forward and hit his head on the concrete. This is why this product was discontinued. I wanted to let you know so you do not have an accident with this product.


  4. It is a dangerous toy as the last poster mentioned. We have mine from childhood and my daughter took a few spills. But, it a great collector’s item. Mine is available for sale if you are still interested. Post here

  5. Yes we are interested in the Ollie please advise if its still for sale and if you have any images.

  6. I am VERY interested in finding an “Ollie” as a gift for my 41 yr. old son. He constantly rode Ollie in the early 70’s, and I would love to be able to gift him with this childhood memory. If you still have “Ollie”, or know of anyone who might have one, please contact me. Thank you!

  7. My daughter had one when she was little and u would love to surprise her with one for her birthday
    Please help!!!
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  8. If anyone is still looking at this site and has an Ollie I would love to have it. I’m will to pay well!!
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