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Searching – 70s BRIGHT YELLOW and WHITE Eden Musical GIRAFFE – Head Turns — 11 Comments

  1. I have this same giraffe in different versions: plush, musical, rattle, etc. The only thing is with my musical one; if I remember correctly, is that it skips when it starts to play.

  2. I had this very same giraffe, and I am going to be having my very first baby, and would love to have this same one for my little one. Do you carry this item, I apologize am kinda lost with your website.

    Thanks =)

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    I'm sorry, but we do not have this giraffe in stock. We'd be glad to help you find one if you would Contact Us.

  4. I have this giraffe- not in very good shape and the music key doesn't turn- If anyone would like it- would be happy to send it for the cost of shipping-

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    I've contacted the ones who might be interested in your offer, Valerie. Please Contact Us.

  6. Did you ever find a good link to this toy? I’m looking for one also . I was born with cancer and at 6 weeks old I was operated on my grandmother bought me this toy the day of my surgery. When I was 12 she was diagnosed with lung cancer and I gave the giraffe back to her with a letter saying u gave this to me when I had cancer and now I’m giving it back to you. She passed away when I was 19 I’m now 30 and the giraffe I’d buried with her. I would love to find another one. Thanks

  7. I lost mine to a squirrel. My father bought it for me when I was born and he passed when I was a small child. I don’t have many memories of him but I do remember him singing the tune to me. It was “around the world in eighty days”. Wish I could find one to maybe help me remember something about him.
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