FOUND – 80’s Hasbro PUFFALUMP Style SILLY WILLIES with VELCRO HANDS — 18 Comments

  1. ebay

    Item number: 360187517951

    Item number: 300346755395

    Item number: 120467152013

    There were also Fragles from Fragle Rock

    Was this a toy from USA or United Kingdom?

  2. thanks but sadly not
    i am a huge fan of fraggle rock, love the wuzzles know what a woozle is and i worked on the fimbles programme so it was none of them.
    it may have only been in the uk – there was definatly not a cartoon or progrsmme to go with them we just got them in about 1988 ish in our local toy shop – thanks, Martin

  3. I have both of these toys, the purple one and the pink one, I have no idea what they are called and was going to sell them on Ebay as Like Puffalump.

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    I tried Googling Silly Willies, but it's too common an expression. I couldn't find anything that might be it.

  5. they are called Silly Wiggles 1987

    ebay Item number: 260561428222

    not same one, but eyes are same

  6. ebay Item number: 370385651273
    1987 hasbro Sillie Willie
    Auction ending soon, but try to contact the seller to see if relist

  7. Yes they are Silly Willies, they were made by Hasbro in 1987 for Hallmark Cards, I have just come across another, he is blue, yellow and white

  8. These are Silly Willies
    The pink one with Bunny ears is named U.R. Silly, the orange,red and yellow one is named Whatta Silly, the pink and Purple one is named Ima Silly, the purple Blue and yellow one is named Tickle U. Silly, the Blue with purple stripes and purple hair and yellow legs is calld Willy B. Silly and the Bird that is White, Blue and Yellow is named Oh-So Silly.
    I Have Oh-So Silly new in the box for sale on my ebay. I hope this helps

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  9. I have tickle u silly. Actually, I have always called him silly willy. Silly willy is the only thing I have from my childhood other than Barbie. My daughter cherishes him now! I can’t believe I found someone who has them, too! How exciting! I will also look in eBay. Good luck!
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  10. Good Afternoon, I saw that you were looking for the silly willies. I have the purple one on the right, he is in mint condition and I would be willing to sell him for $150.00 . Let me know if you are interested.
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  11. I still have my U R Silly ted again I always just called it silly willie too and I have 2 girls and a boy who have all enjoyed playing with it too although your picture shows it with 2 toes mine doesn’t it may have done when new but he has been well loved for 30 odd years so doesn’t anymore lol
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  12. Omg Im looking to buy one of these. I had one as a child but I don’t see the one I had pictured above. Mine was pink and purple with short ears and a big tail. I could swear he was called Tickle me Willy I don’t know I just called him Willy. I treasured him but he accidentally got thrown out by a family member. If anyone knows which one i described is or has one to sell please reply!!
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  13. I am looking to buy all of the collection if I can get my hands on them ? So rare so hard to find not having much luck to be honest x
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