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  1. Hi ! I hope you have already found your lamb, if not I JUST FOUND THE WEBSITE WHERE IT IS SOLD. This is the strangest coincidence I have the exact same lamb and mine is 19 years old too! They literally look identical! I was so surprised when I saw it. I have been looking for lamb for a while now but just recently came across the website. The product is out of stock currently, but I’m pretty sure it is what you are looking for! https://plushmemories.com/lovie-shoppe/eden-white-pink-lamb-blue-flower-print-sleeper-eyelet-collar/prod_658.html. This is the website, and the picture only shows the pink version, but the ones we have are the blue which is also offered, it is just not pictured. I’m just amazed at what a small world it is, I have never met anyone with the same lamb, and mine literally looks identical to yours!



  2. OMG I can’t believe how many people all over this site WANT this lamb! This was my “Lambers” I was given as a baby, I slept with him until I was 14 or 15 when I lost him .. When I had my first daughter my mother tracked one down for me using this site I believe and now she has lost hers I hope I get lucky enough to find one again! Good luck to you all how sweet is it that this lamb is so near and dear to us all!? I loved to rub its ears too Eden should just make more to keep up with this demand! Lol

  3. I hope you found what you were looking for! I unfortunately don’t have any links for you. Actually, I have a similar lamb, and I’ve had her since I was born too. She had a pink terry cloth body, but no satin ears. I emphasize had in that last sentence, because I wore Lambie out by the time I was just a few years old from carrying her everywhere and rubbing the spot on her right arm until the fabric wore down and even turned grey. My mom bought a replacement and said she’d gone to the dolly doctor.

    To this day, I think my mom has made 2 or 3 bodies for her out of different fabrics since I keep doing the same thing and sleep with her at night and they stopped selling them. It’s a comfort thing, like with the satin ears on yours. I’m actually 18 as well and going off to college tomorrow. My family won’t let me take her, but my mom made a pillow with the same fabric as her newest body so it’ll have a similar effect.

    I actually found this because earlier my parents and I were talking about the one thing that all of my siblings had that they bonded with and found the doll my (39 yo) sister had as a kid on eBay and sent it to her as a bit of a joke and a pick-me-up. I couldn’t help but searching for this lamb on the Internet afterwards because I knew it had to exist somewhere.

    I guess I’m just sharing my story because it’s neat to see other people who have bonded with a similar stuffed animal as strongly as I have. 🙂
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