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THIS one is DISCONTINUED, But Many More are STILL Looking – Carter’s Just One Year WHITE RABBIT with BROWN EARS & FEET — 15 Comments

  1. I don't have the bunny, but as far as bidding goes, there are services such as auctionsniper at auctionsniper.com, where you can enter in your max bid and schedule it to bid at the last seconds for you, even if you are not around.

  2. Dear Anonymous – Thank you very much for your tip about auctionsniper.com. I will try that out asap. I appreciate your help very much!
    Rachel (Lexi's mommy)

  3. Dear Tami…yes, thank you. I missed that one by minutes. I corresponded with the ebay seller and she was shocked that it had sold for that price, as she was planning to allow it to sit overnight on ebay for a specific buyer to purchase the next day at $50. I keep looking every day to see if another one has shown-up on ebay…so far, no luck. Thank you for your comment and any help you might provide. Warmly, Rachel (Lexi's mommy)

  4. Hi Rachel. Here's another one on ebay: item # 360232061509. This one has a buy it now option (but for $99)! Just my opinion, but if you really want it, I would suggest just buying it instead of bidding. Like Tami said, the last one sold for $95. I really hope you get the bunny! Good luck!

  5. Oh, Jean…thank you so much. I missed the bunny. It was sold earlier today. I would absolutely have paid full-price for that bunny…and will keep hoping I find the one that is meant for my daughter!! I really appreciate your help in trying to acquire one…I must have just missed the listing myself when I signed-off last night to go to bed!

    Thank you again.

  6. Oh no! I was really hoping you'd get her this time. Well, I hope someone from the mailing list got her. Will keep looking for you!

  7. POST CODE #080509-1

    I am too looking for this bunny. Who knew it would be so popular? My 15 month old would be lost without her “bun bun”. We actually have 2 right now but the original one is getting quite ragged. Good luck Rachel!

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    I have one of these and would be willing to give it up for free. Is there anyone looking for this rabbit that is looking to replace a lost one, in other words, not looking for a back-up? I found this website because I was searching for a lovie. When I saw this bunny, I thought “Hey! I have that bunny in the baby’s room. I took the tag off awhile back but it has remained on the shelf untouched. Let me know. Thanks.

  9. Post Code#012410-1

    Just One Year White Bunny/Brown Ears

    eBay Item #330427950316

  10. Jeannie, if you still have a bunny around I would love it! My daughter lost hers and has since been lost without it! SHe just wants her white bunny! Please contact me if you still have one and are interested in mending a little girls broken heart! thank you so much!

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