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FOUND – 80’s? Applause WHITE RABBIT on WHEELS with PULL CORD — 11 Comments

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    I think it looks a lot like Applause 1986 0r 87. They have some plush animals with same wooden wheels. I haven't found the bunny yet. But found similiar style bunnies without the wheels. So possible is applause. will keep looking

  2. Sorry, no bunny yet, but it looks like it was made by Eden. Here is one with a blue sweater on ebay: 250358625789

  3. How very kind of both of you to take the time to help me search. I just spent about half an hour, studying the bunnies in eBay, and I think Tami is right — our bunny was made by Applause. There is an Applause bear, circa late 1980s, on eBay right now sitting on an identical wheel base. Thank you again — the search continues!

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    Ya’ll are so dear to keep searching. I keep finding the Applause bear (same wheel base) on eBay and I just know our lost bunny (well, more likely one like it) is going to pop up soon! I appreciate your help so much! Lucinda

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    More than likely not it but there is a caters bunny on wheels.
    ebay# 300531746253

  6. That is adorable — my eBay search picked it up, too — but, no, that’s not the one. Thank you for looking for me!

    Gratefully, Cindy

  7. Have you thought of buying a vintage applause bunny and have wheels put on it?

    Here is one without wheels that looks similar. See ebay #150393033104

    Just a thought.

    Best Wishes!

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    Hi! Oh, yes, I have definitely considered finding a white bunny and fitting it on an Applause wheel base. I even have a wheel base that used to have a bear on it (the bears, for whatever reason, are much easier to find — I wonder why?) but that particular white bunny is being elusive. My daughter loved THAT bunny and, while the original one is, sadly, gone, we are holding out for one as close as possible.

    Thank you taking the time and effort to share your idea! It is beginning to look as if The Bunny on Wheels was made in an edition of ONE and we had it and lost it!

    Gratefully, Cindy

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    Austin, I would be most intereested in seeing photos of the bunny you have. Could you email a few shots of it to me at csmorse@aol.com, please, plus the amount you would want for your bunny and its dimensions?

    Thank you!

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