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FOUND – 2005 Walmart DanDee LARGE GRAY ALLIGATOR with ROSE in MOUTH — 11 Comments

  1. wow good find. that looks almost exactly the same kind of alligator with the exception that it’s green … i just bought that green one so we’ll see what brand it is when it arrives. will post the details when i get it. thank you tami!


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    Tami– i received the green one today and he’s just as awesome as the grey one.. my wife was thrilled with that one, good find!

    Melanie– thank you for finding that, it’s been purchased and i hope to receive it in the next couple of days!

  3. Hi! I found your exact alligator. I actually found it some months back but just figured you were content with what you have found. I thought I might as well let you know. I can list it on Ebay if you want your exact plush. Just let me know. The alligator has been sitting at my house for quite awhile now and wants a new home!

  4. thank you Karen, i found one last year and the wife wont let me spend another $30 on one 🙂

  5. I too am looking for these alligator stuffed animals. i have 1 i got from walmart years ago and my pets love it, i swear they think its another pet lol. i would like to get at least 1 more, please if some1 knows where i can find them let me know. thank you all!!

  6. I still have this allagator in storage. I will list it on Ebay for you. Let me get the pics and listing going and I will let you know what the listing number is. Thanks, Karen

  7. I need one of these in the worst way.

    Approximately 11:30 on the night of 8/16/13, my girlfriends beloved stuffed toy alligator was stolen from 203 West Elm Avenue in Hanover, Pa. and as if that was not bad enough, the sick person that stole it cut a 6″piece of the tail off and put it in the screen door so she would find it.

    Needless to say, she was and is devastated. While it may only be a stuffed toy to some, it was her security blanket so to speak. I am looking for an exact replacement of this item.

    It is a 2005 Walmart DanDee LARGE GRAY ALLIGATOR with ROSE in MOUTH and I am looking for one!!!!!
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