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Searching – 1981 GUND BROWN BEAR with K-3 on TAG — 15 Comments

  1. Yes, I am looking for this same bear for quite a while now without luck. I’m willing to pay a lot of money for one of these!

  2. hey i dont have the tag on it anymore, but this looks like my bear… i am 27 and got it when i was a kid…. maybe its the same one, i can send pics. let me know!

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  3. I have one exactly like the one in the picture. It’s never been played with by children and is in great shape. I’ll let it go to the highest bidder. call me 912-269-1713 Eric

  4. I have a brand new 1981 fund bear with k-3 on the tag. I to have had the same bear since I was a kid. Im willing to discuss with the highest bidder. Photos available via email.


  5. Would love to see pics via email. Admin please share my email with poster privately. Many bears say K-3 including many on eBay but they are always the wrong bear. Thank you!

  6. What is your e-mail? There are different 1981 K-3 bears. It has to look like the one in photo. Thank you.
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  7. Hi there, yes the elusive Bearfeat. I have yet to find one (not even a photo)! Of course his cousin Bearspot also a K3 1981 GUND is a little easier to find (just a little). If anyone is desperate there is quite a nice example on eBay item number:
    281474552015. I believe the only difference is the colour of the nose and eyes; surely it wouldn’t be too hard to get them changed? Best of luck anyway.
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  8. Did you ever find your bear?? It’s 2014 now. I have this bear. Item # 2149, dated 1981, named Bearfeat. He also has a wee spot on his nose, otherwise in good condition. I bought him new… as well as many teddies. He was one of my first and is still one of my favourites.
    Please contact me if interested.
    🙂 Smiles
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  9. Hello all…I’m pretty sure I have the bear you’re looking for..brown button nose..christmas wrap around the neck….brown bottom feet (feet a little worn) tag reads GUND on other side of tag it reads (c) 1981 Edison.N.J.LIC.PA3 Made in Korea..at the bottom it reads K-3….if this is it and you’re still looking..email me…darthknight3@yahoo.com or text/call 770-866-8594..I can send pics from phone only…it’s in good condition tho..hope this helps!
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