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Searching – Ways to Preserve a BRIGGS? WHITE SNOWMAN Wearing a GREEN FLOPPY HAT & FRINGED SCARF — 13 Comments

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    Finding this person another snowman doesn’t seem to be much of a problem. I think your idea is a good one. There are lots of them on ebay when you use the keywords you provided.


    Some of them are Eden and others are Prestige.

    I don’t know if maybe they could put some kind of fusible webbing– the kind you use to make fabric stiffer, on the inside of the snowman to make it stronger? Or perhaps have someone make him a snowsuit or something to lessen the wear and tear?

  2. If I were ‘M’ I’d deffinately do as Amanda has suggested and buy or make him a nice new outfit to protect his delicate fur. My daughter is 29 years and she has a tiny rabbit that has suffered with thinning fabric over the years – we just patch him up and then put him in a nice wee dress (lol). She now has him perched on a throne on top of her dressing table so he can survey all that is going on. 🙂 I would also grab a couple off ebay while they are available. Kind regards Brenda.

  3. thank you for your comments. the problem with it is that my snowman is not from eden all i know is that he was purchased at lord and taylor. I think im going to buy one of the den ones and see if it works thank you for your advice

  4. My cousin is attached to the exact same snowman and after completly wearing down 2 of them till they were thread-bare they used the solution of putting snowman in a baby romper suit. It is similar in colour to the original snowman and acts as protection but also that in the case of a limb falling off it isn’t lost.

  5. I wrote to Susan at Susan’s Sew-niques to see what she thought would work, and here’s her reply:

    Hi Rosemary. Well I read the other comments and I would say that he DEFINITELY SHOULD NOT FUSE interfacing on the inside. It will absolutely RUIN IT! In order to ‘fuse’, it would require a higher heat than is recommended for velour (OR fleece) and the fabric will literally MELT in to a plastic mess (and ruin the iron). And I have my doubts as to whether it COULD be fused, because the stuffing has a way of clinging to the inside of these fabrics and the stuffing will also melt if any is missed when taking it out of the snowman!
    BIG TIME NO NO NO for fusible. Sew-in interfacing might be an option, but it still won’t protect the ‘skin’. IF this fabric is velour, he definitely will eventually end up with nothing ‘fuzzy’ on the outside and will have left a knit under-skin. In that case, the best option is to cover it as much as possible with the same fabric used originally. BUT IF IT IS FLEECE, then it will last longer and just a ‘pilling’ effect will happen.

  6. I have an Eden Snowman for sale on Ebay. Here is the listing number


    He is 21 inches though. I also have another Eden that is smaller and a Kids Preferred in my tubs. They are not listed as of yet, but if you are interested, let me know.

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    I know you do not want a new snowman but thought I would share the link. I still treasure my childhood doll although she is literally disintegrating with age. I did find a new one in box at an antique show (before we had internet) and bought her for a keepsake value. Not the same but it is something.

    Best Wishes!
    Ebay #120766428048

  8. I know this is a long time since this post but i hope you have found a solution. I too have an Eden Snowman (Snowy) who I have had since I was 0 right up until now (I’m 16). My Snowy is getting a bit worn out but it shows that I have always loved him with all my heart and that he has never been in no way neglected. He now lives on the top of my bed where he is safe and comfortable. My auntie even knitted him a jumper to keep his stomach safe.

  9. My girlfriend is in the same situation! Not sure if this helps but we dressed her snowman up with clothes bought from build-a-bear workshop. He now wears a flannel lumberjack shirt with dungarees over the top, it protects his skin as well as making him a lot stronger so he’s safe to hug!

  10. I too have the Eden Snowman “Mr. Snowman” who I sleep with every night. I bought him at Macy’s with my Mom when I was 8 years old, I’m now 23. Mr. Snowman came to UConn for college with me and travels anywhere I go overnight. We soak him every now and then to clean his belly and although the fabric and nose are wearing, he still fits comfortably between my chin and shoulder every night to sleep. If my mom EVER thought about refilling him with other stuffing I would be devastated…he is perfect the way he is. Perhaps it’s a good opportunity to teach the kids that as we grow up we change and are shaped by experiences that make us smarter and more experienced, just as Mr. Snowman has become more experienced in being my go-to cuddle buddy!

  11. I had the same problem. You should get him clothes to wear. You would be surprised how well he fits into baby clothes.
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