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    I’m trying to locate a Disney Eeyore Mushable like the one I purchased @ Costco 5 yrs ago for $19.99. Do you know where I can purchase one? I checked ebay but didn’t find any for sale.

  2. hi there… i’d love to find a new piglet for my daughter as well. quick question though, how do you wash it ? i’m afraid to put it in the washing machine, and after spot cleaning it, it isn’t as soft anymore…

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    I’ve had several of these and have no problem washing them inside a pillow case at the local laundromat (front load washer). I even put them in the dryer on warm for a few minutes, and finish drying outside on towels.

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    Mushables Piglet Microbead Pillow

    Not sure what size “extra large” meaures.
    Here is a 16 inch Mushables Piglet, eBay Item #290682350011

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    Here are three if you are still searching. First two listed as 26 inch and the third 16 inch. Good luck!

    ebay #200935338662
    ebay #230997458042
    ebay #271202447908

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