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Searching – Walmart EASTER 2007 Small SOLID CREAM RABBIT — 6 Comments

  1. POST CODE #16660

    Could this be the bunny or at least another search avenue?
    ebay # 330528603837 Galerie Plush Cream/White BUNNY Rabbit

  2. Nope this is not our “Bunny”. Alina’s bunny is in shreds but I still look. Her bunny is much smaller, under 8 inches tall, with ears that do not stand on their own.

  3. Dear Kim — post code #16660,

    I was looking for a bunny for my daughter (hannah andersson striped, knit bunny circa 2007, 2008) when I noticed your post. I do not have what you are looking for, but if you check “Chasing Fireflies” website, I think you will find a bunny that is remarkably similar to the bunny you are looking for. I know that it is not the exact thing, but maybe…

    Good Luck, Rhea

  4. Post code #16660
    Did you ever find one? My little girl had the white one & she left it outside & our dogs shredded it, I’ve been looking for one ever since because she is still upset about losing Mr. Rabbit! Please help

  5. Thank you but I can’t afford to pay that much for it. If you would reconsider the price please let me know because my little girl would be so excited even if it was the cream one but I think that’s a little much for one that originally cost $6.

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