1. Please let me know even if someone runs across a blue one. I’m not sure if she would care about the color. Pink is optimal but I’ll try anything.

  2. Hi! I just wanted to post an update since I haven’t seen or had a response since this was posted.
    We are still searching for the blanket. She still will not attach to any other blankets no matter how similar.
    Please let me know if anyone finds either a blue or pink. I’m open to either color at this point. However, I won’t pay over original retail price. This is a blankie not a valuable antique that will gain value.
    Thank you for any help you can offer. Our blankie is starting to wear out and my daughter isn’t quite two.

  3. You might be able to email Aimee and ask her for a best offer. If it is reasonable, she might consider. Remember, Ebay sellers spend a lot of time, money and energy hunting down these items, then listing and shipping them. So I think a respectful offer could work

  4. Thanks Jean! I ordered the one from Angel Babies. It was just $15.00!! I had already been in contact with Sandy from Heavenly China and those are out of stock for her.
    I hope she likes this one as well as her pink one. I showed her the picture on the computer and she pointed and said “stinky” (which is what we call hers since it smells most the time..lol). I’m hopeful!
    Thanks to everyone for looking. This is a great site! I would never have found one without your help.

  5. post code # 17242

    You’re welcome Andrea! I hope your daughter loves the blue one as well! 🙂

  6. POST CODE #17242
    Still no pink bit another blue if you needed back up.
    Ebay #270787273564

  7. POST CODE #17242

    Think you found a substitute but if not here are two pink ones on ebay. Please let us know for sure if this is found.

    ebay #271231260360
    ebay #181160645440

  8. Thanks everyone for looking! We’ve moved on since this post and never found a new one. The place I had ordered from ended up issuing me a refund since they actually were out of stock there as well. She used hers until it was nothing but a ripped rag and I was able to get her to give it up so I could at least put it away for a memory box later. We’ve moved on to other animals and blankets now. Sorry I didn’t keep up with the post. I’ve since opened my own business and actually completely forgot about it. Please feel free to remove us from the list. Again thanks to all who tried to help!

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