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FOUND!!!! – Commonwealth 80’s FULL BODY BROWN & TAN SQUIRREL PUPPET <i>Top Priority</i> — 18 Comments

  1. POST CODE #17789
    Closest I have seen to what you are looking for so far:

    ebay ~

    Item number: 190521801369
    Seller: toysrus

    I’ll keep looking – but hope this helps!

  2. Thanks for trying, Judy. I’ve written Tina to see if she thinks this one would give her mother any comfort. Toys R Us is sold out on eBay, but if Tina thinks it would help we can be on the lookout for another one.

  3. Here’s Tina’s reply:

    Thanks for all the efforts and kind thoughts for the squirrel puppet search. I do check eBay every few days in hopes I will find him. I have to admit that I think it has to be the same squirrel to make my mom smile.

    We celebrated what would have been my sisters birthday on April 10th. We miss her dearly and know she is now in heaven. Searching for squirrely gives me something to do…it helps with the pain, so my search continues on ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. POST CODE #17789

    I lost my Mom to cancer last year, so I know how much all the little things mean. I’m sure my Mom is helping watch over your sister in heaven. I’ll keep trying for you, Good Luck ~

  5. Dear Judy,
    I appreciate you taking the time to search for squirrely. I believe that with each day the pain becomes a little easier to bear, but I do not think it will ever go away. It brings me comfort that your mother is watching over my sister in heaven. It is nice to know that our loved ones that have passed on are not alone. If you mother is as kind a you, then my sister is lucky to have her as a friend. My prayers go out to you. Thanks again for all your kindness and efforts.

  6. ebay Item number: 260796639762
    looks really close. hurry auction almost over if it is it.

  7. POST CODE #17789

    ebay Item number: 260796639762

    I just happen to be working at home today by chance.

    Should I try to bid on it for you Tina?

    If it’s the right squirrel and you want it … fine … I can see it gets to you … if I win and it’s not .. I will donate it.

  8. Hi Judy,

    I’ve been in contact with the seller, and I’m watching this auction closely. It’s so kind of you to offer to bid on it if Tina doesn’t see it in time. But we accept donations on Plush Memories for situations just such as this. If it gets close to the end, and Tina hasn’t answered, I’ll bid on it enough to get it for her. It sure looks like the right one to me!

    Thanks again for your kind and generous heart, Judy.

  9. OK ~
    I just wanted be sure after all the hard work of searching … it wasn’t missed!
    Thanks for letting me know you’ve got Tina covered! I think this squirrel is SPOT-ON!
    You’re wonderful!
    Many Blessings ~
    Judy ~

  10. I haven’t heard from Tina, and the auction is down to an hour, so I’ve bid on it. I also wrote Tina again, so she’d know not to bid against me. And I know everyone who is following this story is praying that this is the right squirrel.

  11. I didn’t win it. ๐Ÿ™ The price was going sky high, and I was so afraid I was bidding against a family member that I cancelled my last bid. I feel terrible.

  12. just hoping whoever bid and won plans on giving it to Tina… and we don’t find it next week relisted on ebay for $49.99 as I have seen many lost lovies listed for. I did find out the brand name, so I will contiue the search.

  13. Rosemary, Judy and Tami,
    I wanted to let you know that thanks to your kindness my family and myself will have “squirrely” in our lives again! The ebay auction is infact the squirrel I was looking for. I still cannot believe it! I got your message with 21 minutes left in the auction to spare. I instructed my boyfriend to buy the squirrel at all costs. His ebay code is “jibbrish”. Little did we know we were bidding against someone that was helping us (until after the fact). You ladies are truly angels looking after me and my family at a time when we needed it most. We are now loosing my grandfather and this little puppet will help lift our spirits during this difficult time. I cannot wait to give Squirrely to my mother and see the smile on her face. This means so much to me and my family. We will never forget your kindness. The kindness of 3 strangers that has touched my heart forever. I will be inspired by your actions to help others in the way you have helped me. Thank you so much! Tina

  14. Tina just messaged me that she found a “Squirrely”. Her sister, Kimberly, was my goddaughter and I was the one who originally gave her the squirrel. Squirrely was well loved by her. I can’t wait to hear about MY sister’s (Tina and Kimberly’s mom)reaction when Tina presents it to her. THANK YOU to all who helped find Squirrely. I know both Tina and I will sleep with a smile on our faces tonight.
    Auntie M.

  15. I cannot believe i came across this post. When i was a child i was given a mouse the same thing as the squirrel. hollow arms and a hole in the back of its head. When my niece was born 4 years ago i gave it to her as i call her my mousie. It is so well loved that it literally is falling apart and we are looking to find the same item to replace it. Can i please have the brand or the stuffed animal or help locating another one?!?!
    Post Code #17789

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