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DISCONTINUED – 2000 Animal Alley PINK UNICORN with <u>FUR</u> & Glitter STARS HORN & COLLAR — 10 Comments

  1. Here is one by Commonwealth that is pretty similar see ebay #290510822011

    It may be a good alternative? It has fur too instead of yarn but the coloring is a bit different. Worth a look at any rate.

    Best Wishes!

  2. It does look a little like our Woobie, but our Woobie had a white collar and horn, plus a white bow above the tail, all with silver stars. They were all smooth in texture. It would have to be the same unicorn, from the age of 12 months she loved him, and no other unicorn could be substituted. Other unicorns are just Woobie’s friends. lol

  3. That is the unicorn that came out around 2003 right after our Woobie, she has a rainbow yarn mane and hearts on her horn.

  4. UPDATE FOUND! I just found the unicorn on ebay! I hope the seller has the right picture this time! Last time I found our woobie the seller sent the wrong one and sold our woobie months before! I think this is it! YEA!

  5. Fantastic, Tiffany! Considering your past history with getting the right unicorn, I won’t change your post to FOUND until you have it in hand, OK? Just let me know.

  6. POST CODE #17863

    If you are still in need of the unicorn you might want to check ebay #300589055823. New

    or Ebay #120754014649 used

    Best of luck!

  7. Hello! I’m not sure if you are still in need of a new Woobie because the post still says “searching” but if it helps, I found one on Ebay at 260837540808.

    Let us know how your search is going!

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