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Searching – 1 PINK Little Giraffe SWIRL VELOUR CRIB BLANKET (Blue 1 FOUND) — 5 Comments

  1. Hello. There are lots of blankets to choose from if you go directly to Little Giraffe.com.

    Or Do you specifically want a specific pattern?

    They have a contact form on their website that you maybe able to ask someone to help get you the closest match available right now.

    or call them at 888-LGisLOVE (544-7568)

    I hope this helps. Best Wishes!

  2. Also, Here is a solid blue one on ebay auction

    see #170635054698

    It has that similar trim/edge as your picture.

  3. This ebay seller has them in green 400212846393 and white 390309997799; maybe she can source a blue and pink for you or maybe your wee ones won’t mind a new colour. They are brand new which is always a bonus. Best of Luck. 🙂

  4. thank you guys for updates! Littlegiraffe.com does not carry this particular style any longer. They make a Luxe and plush types, but not this particular kind. There were 3 other styles siimilar to mine when I got it many years ago and either of those would be fine, but not the new material they are using. I believe they call this the soft velvet with satin or something like that. I have found a blue one which will do for my son; however still on the hunt for a pink one. I purchased the blue one from the above ebay seller; so thanks to you for that info! She did not have a pink one and I really need to do pink.


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