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Searching – 1978 DAKIN TAN & WHITE? BEAR – Not Cuddles — 5 Comments

  1. Hi Rebecca, How about this little guy on Ebay Item Number 150438288157, ticks most of the boxes. Nose slightly different shape but I’m sure swimming pools and hot baths can do that! 🙂 Best of luck, hope its him, Brenda.

  2. POST CODE #18941

    Appears to be a year off. Not labeled as cuddles.
    Perhaps similar. Ebay# 190541587762

  3. I have the same bear. He’s also from 1978 and i got him in 1980 from an uncle when i was born. I still have and love him and he looks like yours! I haven’t seen any like them online though. I did find a photo of a super similar one, not cuddles, but i don’t know how to attach a photo of the screenshot. Feel free to email me.
    Post Code #

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