1. Hello. Here is more information on it. It was made by Disney Baby and the UPC is 022253227249.

    I have searched Google and have not found one yet but I thought passing this info along may help us find one together faster.

    Also, For those of you who have not heard as of May 3rd, Google is only showing listings now with brand, upcs or mpns. Which means it may be a good idea to try other search engines too because not all sellers have that information when listing.

    Best Wishes!

  2. Thanks, Becky, but that’s not the right one. The face of Tigger is in the G of the lettering on the one she needs.

  3. Thanks, Pleasant! Yes, you have to login to see it, but this is a great way to spread the word on these very special tornado survivor requests. We appreciate your help!!!

  4. Thank you everyone for your help! Keeping my fingers crossed that someone can find this blanket!

  5. Someone on the discussion group has one similar.. as does the person above.. and was wondering if the 11 month old would be able to tell the difference? Maybe worth a try.

  6. sigh, you’re right. looks like it’s an older version.

    Best of luck.

  7. Thanks, Jenna. I was able to get a better photo, and I’ll certainly post on the Disney Forum. You’ve been very helpful.

  8. Did you find one as I too am looking for one of these. My two year old has decided this is the one for her and we’ve lost it on numerous occasions and are terrified if it would ever become perminently lost. We have tried the new Tigger one but she rejects it along with other similar security blankets without success.

  9. ebay Item number: 300524187682 .
    It is a diaper cake that has this plush included. If you ask the seller, maybe out of the goodness of their heart, maybe they could sell the blanket seperate.

  10. Thank you greatly for the update Tami! I have been searching for months and saw one on E-Bay but only after it had been sold.

  11. I wrote the seller, too, and sent a link to this post and your email address, Angela. Maybe that will help.

    Thanks so much, Tami!!!!!!!

  12. Thanks so much! I was so disappointed when I saw the eBay one had already ended 🙁

  13. Hi I am the person who has the tigger diaper cake on ebay. Our cake did not sell. I am removing it from the listing. I am by all means going to send this for free to the little one in need. I too have children that have stuffed animals that they cherish so i know what you mean.

  14. That’s awesome Nicole! What a great heart you have. I am sure the little one will be more than happy to receive the tigger blankie from you….

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