1. My daughter read your post and came running to show me as we have the same monkey for sale in our eBay store- you can find him at

    eBay 220807983269

    I would love to help you out- have a great day,


  2. Thanks so much, Kelly. I get an email copy of all comments, so you don’t need to mail me, too. Also, please just give the listing ID number, as the link will eventually break, and I’ll have to fix it. And, completed listings can be found with the number longer than with the link.

    Good luck with your sale.

  3. I am also looking for this monkey! i am DESPERATE! I too got this monkey as a gift for my son and “Mylo” goes everywhere with my son. i am afraid he may lose it or if he gets ruined. if anyone has a way to get a hold of one of these monkies, PLEASE contact me! Thank you so much!

  4. also, kate, if you have anyone else contact you with one of these, could you please let me know? i would greatly appreciate it so i too could get a back up “Mylo”. Thanks so much

  5. Nicole, You can try contacting Macy’s customer service. They had informed me that there was a monkey at the store in Flushing, NY (718-358-9000) and Bronx, NY (718-828-7000). It was easier for me to get it off ebay but this is worth a try too. Reference UPC #636206181139 when you call.. it’s easier for them to look it up that way.

  6. I also am looking for this monkey. It was my son’s favorite, and we lost it. He asks for “monkey” every day. Anybody know where I can get one? I tried the two Macy’s locations mentioned above, and it didn’t work. Thanks!!!

  7. If anyone is still looking there is one on Ebay Item Number 260817715061.

    POST CODE #19421

  8. Please add me to the list of people desperately searching for this monkey. My 11 month old daughter has chosen “Monkey” as the first love of her life–slowly edging out Mommy and Daddy! 🙂 I’m worried that Monkey will get lost somewhere along the way and really would like to have a replacement ready. If anyone has any other suggestions on where to find one, please let me know! Thanks!!

  9. Yes! Where can we find this monkey? My daughter’s is really dirty, but I’m afraid to wash it. If she were to lose him, I’d be really stuck. Definitely looking for a backup.

  10. Ahhh! I’m in the same boat! My son literally will not sleep without this monkey! Any new news on where to find a backup?

  11. I am also looking for a replacement monkey. My husband washed “cocoa” and he didn’t turn out so good :(.

    I would love to find another.

  12. Hello,

    I am currently looking for the same monkey. We got it for our son when he was first born and he has become so attached to it. He brings it everywhere and cannot sleep without it. Unfortunately, it is starting to fall apart so I am looking for a replacement one. We have bought him several monkeys like this one, who feel similar but he only wants his “momo” . Please contact me if you know where I can possibly get this monkey!

    Thanks you,
    Best Regards,


  13. I’m on the hunt for our beloved “bobo” my 11 month old has become more than attached. He goes to daycare with him and is starting to look “we’ll loved” need a backup since the toddler years will be a true test. Bought for us at the Bay in Canada and can’t seem to find.

  14. Just two on ebay at the moment. Item number: 321054920317 $72.99; and Item number:251210819294 $89.99 with MAKE AN OFFER and has one offer pending.

  15. I’m also looking for this monkey we bought one 09/2010 in Coco Beach at Macy’s. His name is CoBe and he is looking very well loved and we will need a back up one day…

  16. We are so so upset. Our 3 year old has lost his just today and desperately need a replacement. Anybody find one recently?

  17. We are so so upset. Our 3 year old has lost his just today and desperately need a replacement. Anybody find one recently??..

  18. Hi, there!

    My son lost his best friend (the same monkey by First Impressions) a few month ago!!! He is so sad and he wants his monkey back….Please if you have one you’d like to sell or you know where I can find it let me know…He keeps asking for it and I feel really bad….email me at: tatyland@sbcglobal.net

    Thank you!

  19. I also seeking this bear for my daughter – ‘Walter’ is her baby and she’s sooo attached – hoping to find a back up!
    Post Code #19421

  20. I am looking for the monkey for my granddaughter she got it a gift from my neice when she was 6 mts old now cocoa is old n falling apart so I really need a replacement she takes him everywhere with her now she cant find him
    Post Code #19421

  21. Please I’m looking for the same Monkey . My daughter had that monkey from 6 months old unfortunately few months ago after 4 years she lost it and still cry when She see all the photos with the monkey..Please contact to dulcebrady@ yahoo.com if you know where I can buy other.
    Post Code #19421

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