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Searching – 2006 Old Navy BROWN & TAN FLAT MONKEY — 12 Comments

  1. Thank you and yes, I am still looking for one. However, I think $75 is a little steep for something that was originally $5 and 3 of them have fallen apart. If the seller will take less I’d buy it. Are either of you the seller?

  2. POST CODE #20184,

    Sorry I am not the seller. Just happened to find it. Unfortunately some of the harder to find older plush also brings higher prices. With a mailing list hoped someone could benefit or at least keep watch in case of sale or make offer options.

  3. I am searching for the same monkey, so if you find more please let me know as the one on ebay has been sold.

  4. The last monkey like this sold on ebay for only $36, and the seller was an awful person to deal with, very dishonest, hiked up prices in her own listing and tried to get more. I don’t think this is same seller but I highly suggest you do NOT pay this ridiculous amount. We are having one made. These types of sellers are taking advantage of parents. This monkey was $5 to start with and falls apart very easily. Yes, my daughter still LOVES him and her 3rd one is falling apart but really, is it worth $129?? Get someone to make you one.

  5. I am searching for this monkey. Please let me know of any. Thank you! Jill
    Post Code #20184

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