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Searching – KinderGund RED BLUE YELLOW CLOWN — 6 Comments

  1. hi i am looking for the same clown and my son..who is now 24…also called it clownie. clownie was bought in washington, he came out in 1987…have you had any luck? do you have any…even the oldest of old ones that i could reunite with my son, not the bif-g version but the plush velour kindergund version as in your picture.
    many many thanks.

  2. I also cant tell you how tearful I became when I saw this picture. It is amazing how seeing him again takes me back!

  3. Hey i am 14 and i have the exact same clown but mine has adged a lot more i have had mine since i was born and been trying to look for one in ages have you had any luck?? This photo was just bought me too tears and my family i love clownie so much please help me

    kind regards 🙂

  4. ALSO seeking this clown (ALSO called Clownie by my daughter, who loved it to fragments. Still have the rattle.) She’s going off to school – I wanted to try to find another for her.
    Post Code #20257

  5. I search the internet at least once a week looking for Clownie, I luckily found one on Ebay about three/four years ago and that was the last I saw him : (
    Post Code #20257

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