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FOUND – Large Puffalump COOKIE MONSTER with RED BACKPACK Eats <i>Top Priority</i> — 13 Comments

  1. Hi, I have one, but I honestly don’t have the time to create a listing for it while I’m in the process of moving 600 miles across the US. He is ready and in hand (never packed him yet), but just don’t have the time until I get settled in to the new place to create a listing.

  2. I found a typo at the top of the entry.
    You are supposed to say “We NOW have a mailing list mostly of teachers looking for this Cookie Monster to use with their students.” Also, you need to change the status to “Found”, as she claims to have brought one!
    Also, can you send this link to the mailing list. It’s basically the same thing, but the only difference is that it talks.

  3. Thanks, Valerie I’m not sure anyone is still actively looking for one of these. I haven’t received any replies for the last few found.

  4. Hello, I noticed that the last few posts for the puffalump Cookie Monster were from 2012. Is it possible that there is still one available?
    Post Code #20316

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