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  1. Post Code #20994

    New With Tags. Koala Baby 14″ Monkey, Style #1415352K7
    eBay Item #290653846906

    Sorry, I forgot to include Item Number in previous comment.

  2. My now 4 year old son lost his “Momo” (Koala Baby Chenille Brown Tan Monkey item #1415352k7) which he has had since birth. It went everywhere with him, even to his 1 year old portrait sitting (Momo was celebrating his 1 year birthday, too), until he left it at church, last year. Momo was reported found but when the church staff went to retrieve Momo where it was last found and left, Momo had mysteriously vanished. My son was devastated…and still talks about how much he misses Momo. He asks Santa each Christmas for Momo. We searched at BabiesRUs where Momo was purchased, but it no longer in stock. Just recently I began my online search…my son was just not giving up on finding his Momo. Six months ago, I was diagnosed with cancer and since have had to spend an unusual amount of time away from my son while I receive treatment. These are the times I wish he had Momo to hold and to bring him comfort and a sense of consistency during a time of many unknowns. I have looked online for a replica of Momo but can anyone believe they are selling for $99+??? During this time for our family, this price is out of the question. If anyone knows where I can find a “Momo” at a much lesser price or wants to donate one to my son, please email me. Thanks.

  3. I have contacted the person on Bonanza listing the monkey asking what her best offer is and will gladly donate a “Momo” when she gets back to me 🙂 I will reply with the same message to Rosemary so she can forward you my personal email address and I can get your mailing address. Life is about “paying it forward”. My thoughts are with you and your family.
    Kind Regards,

  4. Thank you so much, Tricia!! I hadn’t even had time to process “20994”‘s request for help! I’ve sent the email and hopefully you’ll be hearing soon from the Bonanza seller, too.

  5. There is one on ebay but it has quite a bit of lint on it and will need to be brushed from the looks of it. See ebay #230750452796

  6. Hi my name is jamie and i have a five year old daughter who has had this monkey since birth and she takes jojo everywhere every step and i now have a one year old niece who has fell in love with jojo and i would love to purchase two if possiable if anyone could help thank you.


  7. POST CODE #20994

    Rare treat of having two on ebay.

    ebay #160747565985
    ebay #320872479282 lower cost of the two

  8. Yes im still looking thank you so much and i checked my email a little to late for the cheaper one im thinking og purchasing the higher cost one not sure yet yes still interested in getting two thank you

  9. POST CODE #20994

    ebay # 160783638036 VERY RARE Koala Baby 14” Chocolate Monkey New With Tags. Bid or buy now.

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