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Searching – 2003 Gymboree LONG LEG YELLOW & ORANGE GIRAFFE — 6 Comments

  1. there is one on ebay right now item # 180835892444

    it is buy it now or best offer with free shipping.

  2. POST CODE #21066

    ebay #400292112929 Cheaper than first one noted. Buy now auction.

    ebay #180835892444 Still available as buy now or make offer.

    Best Wishes!

  3. POST CODE #21066,
    First one is new, the other two you may have looked at before. Prices can change, sales, best offer etc. Good luck!

    ebay #261063517006
    ebay #400292112929
    ebay #180835892444

  4. POST CODE #21066,
    Please let us know if and when you find this giraffe.

    ebay #400292112929

    ebay #180835892444

  5. I really need this giraffe. Please! my 2 year old son has had this giraffe since he was born, we bought it at a thrift store and hes been attached to it since then. He needs it to sleep, he brings it with him where ever he goes. Ive been trying to get another one for him because his is falling apart. Ive had to sew it back together so many times already but its still the same. Please help. Ive been looking everywhere for it.
    Post Code #21066

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