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Searching – 70′s Eden Blue ELEPHANT Windup YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE Head Moves — 35 Comments

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    I have this but the body is blue, head is white with yellow ears and a white/pin/blue nose in mint condition. It does play You are my sunshine — haven’t found another one like it. Anyone looking for this one?

  2. POST CODE #21431 – I am looking for the blue elephant that plays “You are My Sunshine” because my son had one when he was little that his Grandpa gave to him. He is 33 years old and just had his first son. We would like for the new little one to have this elephant. This picture looks just like the one we had. Please let me know if it is for sale.

  3. #21431 hi just recently i found a blue eden elephant and stumbled upon this website i am willing to sell it the music plays head moves and everything just contact me if interested.

  4. #21431 i been doing research on them and havent came up with much what can you offer?

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    kristen….know its been a while from this post but do you still have that elephant?? Anyway yo see a pic.??

  6. I have a blue and white elephant. Head moves, music is great. In Very very good condition..but mine is a pastel blue, pom pom needs to be sewn on tighter and the pom pom is blue and pink, mixed colors..again my elephant is the blue and white, a pastel blue..works perfect and still has tush tags. Will be listing on ebay soon. Let me know if anyone is interested.
    Tammy / Oceanblue104@Yahoo.com

  7. I too am looking for the blue and white version of this elephant. Does anyone have one they are looking to sell?
    Post Code #21431

  8. I’m looking for the blue Eden elephant that plays “You are My Sunshine” and his head moves. Does anyone have this elephant for sale?
    Post Code #21431

  9. I have the light blue Eden elephant (white ears, blue,pink,and white nose) that plays “You are My Sunshine” and its’ head moves to the music. Was given as gift but baby didn’t like the movement so it was put away until now. Everything (nose,tail,ears) is attached as new.
    Post Code #21431

  10. Hello, I am interested, I played this little elephant for.my first born son and sang the song to him. He asked about it for his babies! Thank you, Barbara 21431a
    Post Code #21431

  11. I am looking for this elephant. I had one when I was a child… I always thought it was a blue green. It played “you are my sunshine” , its head moved around,had white ears and a little tale with a frayed end…. This is what I can remember. It was the first thing I can remember as a child… I think my grandma gave it to me.
    My mother was a horrder… Our house was horrible … and at some point was lost, destroyed, or eventually tossed out…. I would give anything to find another one like it! It is one of the only things from my childhood I regret not having! Does anyone have one they wish to sell!?!?
    Post Code #21431

  12. Still looking for the blue Eden Elephant that plays “You are my Sunshine”
    Post Code #21431

  13. Rosemarry, when I got to eBay it was already sold, and it was a yellow, I’m looking for a blue. Thank you for giving me the heads up. I am still looking!!!
    Post Code #21431

  14. I had an elephant just like this. My sister gave it to me when I was born and it was my most cherished childhood toy. Unfortunately I lost it in a move and I would love to find another one to replace it.
    Post Code #21431

  15. Hi, I know this is an older list but I came across it while searching for a blue plush elephant I had when I was young. Made by Eden Toys in NY. It was blue and the wind up music box played You Are My Sunshine. Does anyone here know of where I might be able to find one? Any color would be fine. Thanks!
    Post Code #21431

  16. My mother bought me an elephant that was greenish blue and white with a yellow hard nose. It had the tune of You Are My Sunshine and rotated it’s head. I got this27 years ago. I love my Ellie. I’m expecting my second child and want to get an Ellie like mine for both kids. But can’t seem to find any. My mom bought Ellie on a German army base in Germany.
    Can you help me find a couple??
    Post Code #21431

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