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FOUND – Amtoy 1982 Bedtime Bear with Nightshirt — 13 Comments

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    Bummed I totally missed out because It ended when I wasn’t paying attention! Maybe they will be nice and re list. Thank you everyone for your help

  2. #21583 Followup- I first responded in February immediately after this post went up and never heard anything. IMHO, even if you are not interested, when someone responds to your post with the item you are looking for, it is just common courtesy to acknowledge it with a response and not too much to ask.
    I now have 2 OF THESE BEARS sitting here waiting to be listed on eBay.

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    Dianna, I am sorry I missed this. My laptop was broken for a bit and my daughter was sick off an on the last few months going back and forth between the dr’s office and the hospital took its toll on me while being pregnant. So I am sorry I did not respond. I also somehow missed your first post not sure how but I do apologize.

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    Courtney, I know things get crazy from time to time. I just couldn’t understand why I received no response when I had the item being asked for. I have helped 3 people with the item they posted for and when I realized I had another sought after plush I thought I’d try to help someone else out. As I said, I currently have 2 of these bears looking for a new home.

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    Dianna How much did you want for one of them? I managed to find one already but with anotherbaby comming it might be cute to have one forth both girls and keep my original lol

  6. Courtney – you need to deal with Dianna directly at this point – not through comments. Are you not getting my emails??

  7. POST CODE #21582

    Did you find your bear?

    ebay #150844451796
    ebay #261060407730

  8. I still have both of mine too. Never heard from Courtney again. Don’t know that I ever saw her post from 6/28/2012 until now and she never contacted me.
    Post Code #21582

  9. I still have both of mine as well. I never heard anything more from Courtney and don’t know think I ever read her last post until now.
    Post Code #21582

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