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  1. POST CODE #041612-01

    If you Google search the style number it leads you to multiple listings and references to Danu flat bunny plush most of which are unavailable.This info alone might help.
    I do not know anything about this sight but it will let you add to cart. Can’t even figure out where they are located.

  2. Nancy, I’m not sure how this works but postal code is #041612-01. My email is tallgirl57@gmail.com if that’s easier. But could you tell me what you’re asking for the bunny? Are you able to send me a photo? Thank you!!! Lori

  3. #041612-01

    Did you ever find the pink bunny? Our daughter is just as attached to it and I can not find it anywhere.


  4. Hi Lori,

    Did you ever happened to find one of these rabbits? I have twin girls and they are crazy about them. We can’t do anything without these rabbits but unfortuntately my husband went out with them today and lost one. I am afraid of even thinking how they are going to fight for one. Please tell me if you got it and where.

    Thank you very much!


  5. Inga and Lilia,
    I have not had any luck finding this bunny. One woman said she had the exact bunny but decided to keep it as a gift to her unborn granddaughter on the way(UHG!!!!). It’s the strangest thing, of course the bunny that is no longer being manufactured is the one our babies love. We haven’t lost it “Boo boo Bunny” yet but we’ve come close. Good luck hunting and if you have any luck, please let me know.
    Thank you,

  6. Hi Lori,
    Our daughter is attached to the same rabbit as everyone here. I came across your post and was surprised we all have the same problem. I was hoping to find a backup bunny too. Please let us know if anyone has any luck. Thanks,


  7. 041612-01

    Hi again.
    Did you think about ordering the one listed on the site in the first reply from Carrie? Seems little iffy website and $37 including shipping seems pricey. If not I am considering buying the following from Amazon.com. Bunny looks very similar, comes with a blanket for $27: Piccolo Bambino Coral Blanket with toy, bunny.
    Our 13 month is just so attached and I wash the bunny so often that I don’t know how long it will last if we don’t loose it!


  8. Hi guys,

    I am still hunting for this bunny and didn’t lose my hope. The website Carrie found is way too strange, I tried to order the toy but you can pay either by checking account or in the store, when you pick buy from the store, you get blank line for its address. I also bought few alike from babiesrus, called my first bunny, the quality is the same but it has rattle inside and even when I took it out the kids didn’t like the bunnies. My house is a bunnies’ house now but they want exactly the one that was lost. Inga is right the bunny doesn’t last long because it is too light, after zillions of washes, it looks really flat. My friend and I called this website: octoberincwholesalelist.com, they said they don’t have it but they asked us to call back in a week to see if other vendors have them. If i hear anything, I will let you know. Inga, thanks for the other suggestion, I will try too.


  9. 041612-01
    Hi again. Lilia I am thinking about adding some stuffing to the bunny ( can buy at craft store). I just ordered the bunny from amazon yesterday so will let you know what our little girl thinks of it!


  10. Hi Inga,

    I bought these rabbits too but from overstock, they suppose to come on Monday, but we are leaving tomorrow for few days, so I will let you guys know how my girls are with them at the end of the week. So far we have way too much fights over one bunny now.

    Good luck!


  11. Hi again,

    I received the bunnies and they are absolutely not the same! They are too big and my girls didn’t even look at them. Unfortunately they have to go back. How did your daughter find it?


  12. 041612-01

    Hi Lilia,

    Same here! Bunny showed up, it is bigger and the face is very pointy. Our little girl looked at it for a little bit and then said “all done” :). She is 13 months old. So bummed! Thanks for letting me know, I will be sending mine back also.


  13. With today’s technology, i cant believe we can not find this bunny!!! How crazy that we are all looking for the same one. Im curious where you all live and where you got your bunny from. Mine was purchased in Avon, Ohio at a Babies R Us…..

  14. POST CODE #041612-01

    I know subs do not always work but have you considered ty pillow pet ebay #170892729388. There are others available.

  15. OMG! I am looking for the same bunny!!!!!!! My daughter is 13 months old and I received this bunny (which we call Floppy) ๐Ÿ™‚ at my baby shower last June. It was purchased at Babies R Us in Wappingers Falls, NY. I have searched in every babies r us I see and cannot find it! They told me that because it was last years model that any that were left were probably put on clearance and then if they didnt sell, they ship them to Big Lots in the area. I am going to check there today to see if I can get lucky and find it but I need another one desperately. My daughter will not sleep without her Floppy. We almost lost him last week at the mall and thats when I really started looking for a back up one. If anyone comes across any clues as to where to find one, let me know! I would soooo greatly appreciate it! Thanks!


  16. 041612-01
    We got our bunny at Babies r us in Jacksonville, FL the day we found out we were having a girl after 2 boys :). This was January 2011, our daughter was born 7/7/11. We now live in California though. Maybe we should all email babies R Us and demand they put it back in production! Lol


  17. Wow, we all bought it around the country. Mine was purchased in NYC at babies r us too. My friend bought these bunnies for us in May, 2011. I was looking for a production office number of toys r us to let them know that everyone is searching for this toy. They produce pigs, bears and so on now, they even stopped producing dogs for some reason.
    Also, my friend was looking for a flat dog for almost two years, her son is still attached to him, he is 2.5 years old. I just found out that they started making them again, so I hope our bunnies will be back on shelf soon too.
    My daughters keep fighting for one bunny. My poor bunny is so old now. We hide it during the day and put them to sleep at different time, so they can fall asleep with it.

  18. Wow, I haven’t checked back in a while, but I see still no luck. I am hoping Lilia is correct and we can find these bunnies back on the shelves soon. Our daughter, now 2 1/2 is so attached to it, and won’t leave the house without it.
    We got ours at Baby’s R Us in Westbury, NY in Long Island. Thanks to everyone’s efforts and keeping us all informed. Maybe they will be back on shelves before the Holidays. Fingers crossed.
    – Chris

  19. Hey guys,

    I went to babiesrus yesterday and of course I didn’t see our bunny out there, but came across very similar one, at least the size, color, fabric but with a bit longer hair with different design. Since all my friends are giving us bannies as a gift now I have a lot of them and didn’t purchase it, but you can check it out, it may work with your angels:


  20. I have been searching for this bunny for months too! I could kick myself for not buying two in the first place. My 2 year old will not sleep without this. Hope we never lose ours. The poor thing looks rough but we have tried replacing with others and she refuses them all.

  21. There is one for sale on ebay! I own 3 (one for grandparents house and two for ours). I would purchase this one myself but others need bunnies too!

    eBay 121006977809

  22. 041612-01

    Wow! I am so tempted, if our 16 month old looses hers I will wish I had bought it. $60 is so expensive though…. What to do, what to do…..

  23. Ok, who bought it??? Went on eBay and sale ended as I was going to buy?? Someone is quick!! LOL. Well I hope someone on this blog got it, please continue to share if anyone finds anymore!!!
    Thank you

  24. Wow, really quick. But $60 for used one is kind of expensive. Let me tell you if you lose it, this is not the end of the world:) Our (now 22 months old) twins were fighting at the beginning like crazy but little by little one got used to the other bunny that looks similar, now they know that the old one is Sonia’s bunny and the newer is Maggie’s. No more fights. I still hope to see these bunnies back on the shelves, ours looks very rough, though I filled it in and fix it all the time as much as I can. Good luck to all of us!!!

  25. 041612-01

    Guilty! Yes, I ended up buying it. Sorry to disappoint you ladies that tried. I didn’t know how many the seller had, too bad it was just one. We have almost lost ours a few times. I can hardly wash ours because our little 16 month old walks around saying “bun bun, awe you?” (where are you?). She sucks on one ear and rubs her nose with the other to go to sleep, so even though it was expensive we felt we would regret not buying it. I happened to stop by Babies R us in CA this morning in hopes, but no luck. If I see one anywhere I will be sure to let you know!! Good Luck. Thanks Alexis for letting me know!

  26. 041612-01
    Lilia, love your twins’ names! Our daughter is Nadia. So glad they worked it out :).

  27. Thanks, Inga. Your daughter’s name is so lovely too. I am glad you bought it because I remember when we lost one of the bunnies I was about to spend a fortune just to replace it. I can’t believe how our girls love these bunnies. My daughter keeps kissing it whole day like crazy, I wish she kisses her sister like that:) No one can touch it, even me, all the time you hear: NO, SONIA! Good luck!

  28. Ok, so I may be just a little frustrated since I am the one WHO STARTED THIS BLOG LOOKING FOR THIS BUNNY!!!! LOL!!! No worries tho, I’m sure at some point we will find one! We have twins due in January as well so I’m going to buy two of every stuffed animal they get ( just kidding). My 17 month old luckily hasn’t lost “Boo boo bunny” yet and its in ok shape, but if we do lose it, it could get ugly!
    Continued luck to all. God bless!!

  29. I just found one on ebay toooooo!!!!!!!!!!! I just paid $69.99 for it which I’m not happy about but I finally found a back up! My 16 mth old daughter almost lost hers a couple weeks ago so I really dont care how much I had to pay for it because she wont go to sleep without it at night. I’ll still keep an eye out for more and let you guys know if I find another one! Good luck!

  30. 041612-01

    Yay Michelle! Hopefully this trend will continue. Lori, I understand it feels a bit unfair for you to initiate this post and not have the bunny yet. I am so sorry! Does it count that I was the first to respond? ;). I will keep my eyes open and let you know if I see one. Seems like eBay is your best bet at this point!


  31. Lori, I have a bunny for you! I’m holding off on listing it until we connect. I contacted Rosemary, just waiting to hear back.

  32. Aimee, thank you!!!! Let me know how to make this work!! So appreciate it!!!
    Thank you!!!

    Post Code #

  33. I’m in need very bad for one of these if anyone has one or is getting one. My little girl is 15 months and goes every where with it and it is getting worn out. HELP please

    Thank You, Lorie Carman

  34. Hello ladies. I have one of these bunnies available for sale. It is brand new without tags. ir has sat in the shelf for the last year. i will sell it for $25 plus $5 shipping. i will accept Paypal only. First person to respond to this, and pay can have it.

  35. Portia, I would love to purchase the rabbit for my daughter Reese. I can purchase it tonight if ypu can sense the email for the paypal… also can you email a picture of the rabbit? reesey2011@gmail.com

  36. I am happy to announce that because of Aimee, I am a proud owner of a new bunny!! Thank you all for sharing your bunny stories here and think in time you’ll all have one! I’m glad I started this blog and wish everyone continued success.
    God bless and Merry Christmas!

  37. I have been searching for this pink bunny for months. My daughter Maren just loves her Flopsy and takes it everywhere with her. She would be devastated if it were to get lost. If anyone comes across another, please let me know.

  38. Help. . .I also am looking for the same bunny. Stumbled across this website and couldnt believe so many others were looking too.

  39. HELP! I got this bunny as a shower gift and now it’s my 2-yr old’s favorite lovey. It’s been dragged on the ground, thrown around everywhere, and it’s getting very flat and dingy after just 1 wash. I would love to find a back-up in case Bun-Bun were to ever bite the dust. I’ve been scouring the Internet and consignment sales with no luck! Please let me know if anyone finds another bunny! Thank you!

  40. There is one on eBay right now!! If you type koala baby plush bunny in the search field it will come up! I just recently got another one for my daughter also on eBay. This one is $65…..the one I got was $75 and well worth every penny! I always look once in awhile to see if there are more. Good luck ladies! ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. This bunny is my 2 year old’s love! She is attached to this bunny! We have looked everywhere and can not find it. Checked ebay, also, but it must have sold. If anyone knows where we can buy one, please let us know!! She still has her lovey, but oh dear, if something ever happened to it…we would love to have one on reserve!

  42. Ladies. I just got one on ebay. So excited. My now 3.5 yr old girl will certainly believe in Easter Bunny!!!! Good luck all. We love this Bunny too.
    Post Code #22304

  43. Monika,
    Just curious how much the bunny cost you on eBay? Seems that the most expensive one was $75 so far…. Glad you found one!!
    Lori (the bunny blog starter)

  44. Lori. Found it for 30. Pretty expensive. We also got it in december 2010 for our newborn girl. She still loves it. I randomly looked on ebay on sunday and there it was. Waiting on me. :). Our old one is in a pretty bad shape as you can imagine after 3 years of washing…. Curious what my little one will think….. I thought about writing to b r us corporate but have not done so yet….. Wish they made them again. The one I got is new with tags. Could not believe I actually found one. Were you able to get one????? We also have the white puppy from the same line but it is not the same. I hope you faund one or will soon…..was glad to come across Post and see others looking for the same very simple and what it used to be cheap toy.
    Post Code #22304

  45. I need this bunny!!!! 3 year old had it since birth and lost it yesterday! Please help! Will pay whatever!!!
    Post Code #22304

  46. Traci, I am so sorry to hear about your dilemma!!! It did take me a while to find one but I eventually did. Someone on this blog actually found it for me, so hopefully everyone gets a copy of this email if they are still on this blog and they can be searching for you also. eBay seems to be the best place but I don’t see one listed currently. Will keep my eyes open for you!!
    Post Code #22304

  47. Ladies,

    When I found it on Ebay before Easter, I searched for Koala Baby bunny. My daughter actually lost her old one yesterday. We went to the docotor’s office and it’s been missing since. We came home right after. I called them and they do not have it. Still hoping they will find it. I’m going to go drive in the parking lot to see if she dropped it. Anyway, the new one has been given to her little sister (9 months), but I suspect it will change owners if we don’t find the old bunny, aka “stinky bunny”… Good luck ladies. I did not think I would ever find one, but got lucky. I’m still looking at Babies R US whenever I’m there….
    Post Code #22304

  48. Oh my gosh thank you thank you thank you! I just bought it! Paid an arm and a lad but will be so worth it. God bless you!!!
    Post Code #22304

  49. I’m not sure of there’s still interest in this bunny but I came across one the other day. It’s in really bad shape but would make a nice back up or replacement for one similar condition. I’ve taken a few pic’s but would rather sell directly to whoever wants it and avoid Ebay fees, etc.
    Post Code #22304

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