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  1. Thanks everyone for their continued support in helping me find Tickles! I am still looking!


  2. There’s a way on eBay to save a search and have them email you if one shows up. I’m so sorry you didn’t get this one!!

  3. THANK YOU!! I can not thank everyone enough for their help. I was able to purchase “tickles” from the Teddy Bear Shelter this evening. Thank you all so very much. This means so much to me!!

  4. Hi everyone, my name is Kaitlin. I was given the same tiger when I was a baby I love him more than I can explain, when I moved out on my own an evil ex discarded of him knowing he was my most precious possession. I loved that tiger more than him! I would do and pay nearly anything to have tiger back.. Please. It looks like he is discontinued, if anyone has info on where and how I can find one I would be so happy.. There is a young girl in my heart who misses him dearly. If you can help, please. -Kate
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  5. Hi – I have a Tickles I am ready to part with – moving have to downsize. If you are still looking let me know.

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  6. my daugher had a tickles before katrinia she lost it as a result of the storm. it was her favorite stuffed animal. She is now about to enter LSU NOLA med school. I want to find one in good condition. I recall them having a green tag. It would be the perfect suprise for her if anyone has one in good condition it be greatly appreciated
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  7. I found my tiger on ebay i remembered his tag details and it made the hunt alot easier. If your not sure of his details mine could be similar. Tiger, tickles, russ berrie item no 1265 inner bagged poly pettets. I hope this info helps you find him!!!
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  8. I have a tickles, tiger not clown, that is up for adoption. I am confused as to how to reply. I tried plushmemories website but was referred to a Facebook page. I searched for someone looking for tickles, but found nothing. If someone is looking for tickles the tiger, my email is kathleen.griffith@comcast.net
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  9. Hi Kathy!
    I AM looking for tickles! Do you still have him? Are you still willing to let him go? Please let me know!
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