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1994 Ed Kaplan Zoo Borns MonkeyI am looking for the Zoo Borns monkey. It is a 1994 Ed Kaplan Associates plush monkey with flocked vinyl head and vinyl hands and feet. Zoo Borns is printed on the foot. Here is a video with a giraffe and hippo. They laugh when squeezed, and some did come with a bottle.
Ghostofthedoll has more info.

When I was a little girl I received a monkey as a Christmas gift. I still have her, but she’s in rough condition. I pierced her ears and put makeup on her, and I painted her nails and toes. She no longer has her voice box, which I miss hearing.

My two year old loves to carry her around, calling her baby, although I named her Sweetheart. He does love this one, because he loves monkeys, just like his Mama, and because he also has a new baby sister.



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Searching for a toy – Originally posted Wednesday – 10/17/2012


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  1. I have this Monkey in great conditions if anyone is interested in purchasing. I can send pictures:)
    Post Code #23772

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