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  1. Hi Eleanor, did you ever find an Edward hedgehog? I’m in the same position, my daughter had the very same hedgehog on the day she was born and he has been with her diver since! Unfortunately our new puppy found Hedgeney very tasty so been desperately trying yo find another since. My daughter is 21 but so upset.
    Many thanks
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  2. I don’t believe there are 2 other people looking for this hedgehog as well as me, almost the same stories too! I purchased one on for my son when he was born, again it went everywhere with him, then it got left behind whilst holidaying in France, he was devestated too! Have searched everywhere, including boot fairs but to no avail. He will be 21 next July, but I am running out of hope.
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  3. I also have this hedgehog ever since I was a baby (also the country companion mouse, tom). Despite loosing him hundreds of times he’s always some how come back to me. I am now 21 and still completely attached to him. His yellow suit has turned gray and has patches and lots of holes from tares. Out of curiosity I looked on eBay and I found this teddy priced between 20/30 pounds in perfect condition.. Only a few months ago now. I didn’t buy him as my prickles could never be replaced! My advice is to keep an eye on gumtree and ebay. I’m sure something will come up. Good luck.
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  4. I am 22 and have the rabbit version of this toy, my dad got him from boots when I was born and I still have him. Has anyone had any luck finding them?
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  5. Hey sophie!i also have the mouse version!i never understood from where it was coming from.I would so love to see a photo of yours!i’m also 20 and still really really attached to it hahah
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  6. Hi Bianca yeah sure, I can send you a photo. What’s your email adress? Can’t seem to send photos on here ๐Ÿ™‚
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  7. Hey Sophie!sorry if I haven’t answered before, I hadn’t checked the page anymore!my email address is bianca.ds@hotmail.it ! Thank you so so much, it means the world to me:)
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  8. Hi there,

    I was bought the rabbit version of this toy by my parents when I was little, he was my favourite ever toy, on a school trip when I was 13 some bullies took him and that what the last I saw of him I was devostated and have been searching for him ever since eBay, car boots etc if anyone knew how I could get hold of one please let me know .. I would be so grateful … Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    Good luck finding your toys, Grace
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