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FOUND but Still Searching – Eden White Terry Rabbit Multi-color Pastel Thermal — 14 Comments

  1. Hi Carrie….

    Do you really have one of the bunny’s that I am looking for?? If you do, that is awesome. Can you send a pic? How much are you asking for it??


    Ken Toby

  2. Hi…I am trying to process the purchase now on Ebay but it won’t work as there is an issue with shipping to Canada. Can you please adjust the price or whatever you need to do so I can finialise the purchase….Thanks so much.

    Ken Tooby

  3. POST CODE #23785

    I am sorry I am not the seller. I just found the listing on ebay when searching. I truly hope you can work something out with the ebay seller. Will keep looking.

  4. If you ever see another one please please please let me know. I am also looking for this rabbit.

  5. POST CODE #23785

    ebay #221178051228 says it ships within US

    If outside the US perhaps you know someone in the US who could help you. Also know there is a mailing list so hope this can help one of you.

  6. OMG! my oldest daughter had this bunny too…still does. She is pregnant with her first child. If anyone can find another one of this specific rabbit PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know! It would blow her mind….Thanks so much
    —-Shawn L. (tion533@gmail.com)

  7. thank you sooooo muchhhhhh Carrie
    I found your link and have placed a bid.
    Again. Thank You. It means so much to me.
    –Shawn L.

  8. Thanks anyway Carrie. I was outbid by two others. it went for $65.00. A little too rich for my blood. I appreciate your information and communication.

  9. Please I’m looking for one too. My bunny Mary Lou I’ve had since I was a year old and flew went everywhere with me and she’s falling apart. I’d like to give her to my daughter but I want her to last so I’m looking for an identical lovey for her.
    Post Code #23785

  10. My daughter also has this bunny lovie, and has never been without her for 18 years. She is falling apart and I would like to replace her or find someone who could repair her completely. If anyone can help, please let me know and thanks!
    Post Code #23785

  11. hi looking for a rabbit (teddy) I had in 1993 it was white with half green body and half yellow (pastel or pale) it had white fur and a green satin bow around its neck, It was bought from a pride and joy shop. pleaseeeee can anyone help 🙂
    Post Code #23785

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