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Blue Teddy Bear with  Grey Embroidered EyesI’m looking for a blue bear with grey embroidered eyes. He was received in 2008 and had no tags. He was about 10-12 tall and had a white grosgrain ribbon around his neck. There were no details on the pads of his paws and the fur has some texture to it, but does not look purposefully textured. He was probably bought in a high end flower/gift store and not a toy store.

My son lost his blue teddy bear at the downtown Santa parade today. He has had this bear since the day he was born, it has flown with us, went to doctor appointments with us and taken family portraits with us. We usually leave him in the car at big events for just this reason, but today he decided his baby brother could hold him and we completely didn’t think! Now he’s lost and we have NO idea the name, brand or anything to try and find another. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. No one has responded to our ads and lost and found notices, so I’m sure we aren’t going to find our original “blue” at this point. We are just heartbroken.



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  1. POST CODE #111812-02

    Not promising identical but would this be similar?
    ebay #220778292856 baby adventure blue ribbon

  2. I would agree that it would likely be the baby adventure toy the first responder added item number to. That was my first thought as I have had a pink that was very similar by baby adventure (animal adventure). Hope this helps!

  3. POST CODE #111812-02

    I found some Baby Adventure bears that might be possibilities:











    God bless your son and God bless you.

  4. You all are AMAZING!!! I’m sure it is one of the baby adventure ones, I have tears in my eyes, I can’t believe it.

    How you all ever did that, I have no idea but you are truly special people.

    The service you provide has meant more to me and my family than you can imagine. Never thought we’d see that little guy again.

    May the spirit of G*d be with you all.

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