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Searching – Vintage Eden Clown with Red Star on Hat — 14 Comments

  1. We are still hoping that 2013 is the lucky year that we find this treasure. If anyone can please locate one, we would be so very grateful. Thanks so much for everything you do for everyone!

  2. We are still keeping our fingers crossed that this beloved friend is found and comes to live in our house. Thanks so very much to all of the wonderful lookers out there who provide this super appreciated service.

  3. Here is a new Tickles Clown ebay 360730620830. No luck with the other clown yet, still looking. Good Luck

  4. Thanks Sarah for telling me about the Tickles clown on ebay. I just purchased it and can’t wait for it to arrive. You are so kind!
    I would very much appreciate your letting me know if I get doubly lucky and you find the other Eden clown (the red star on the yellow hat pictured above) that we are still searching for.
    Thanks again for everything you do for all of us on this site. You and the team are awesome!

  5. We are thrilled to have the new Tickles clown that you found for us on Ebay. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate your finding it for us!
    We are still trying to locate the Vintage Eden Clown, pictured above (yellow hat with red star). Any leads would again be deeply appreciated. Thanks so much to all the great volunteers out there. You are the best!
    Post Code #24555

  6. I found the star one but you may consider it pricey.
    ebay #281276417839. Best Wishes!
    Post Code #24555

  7. Carrie, you are awesome! Thanks so very much. I really appreciate your helping me out. Best wishes to you and yours too!
    Post Code #24555

  8. Sadly I would like please to change the status of this from found to still searching. As soon as I was alerted, I put in a bid to purchase the item, but apparently it had been sold already. Oh well…….back to continued searching. Someone else got lucky and hopefully I’ll get lucky next time. Thanks for being patient with me and for helping me continue to look again. So sorry for the trouble.
    Post Code #24555

  9. Hi! Not sure if you still need this, but I have one in excellent condition, with the star, just like your picture.
    Post Code #24555

  10. Hi Stephanie, Yes, I very much still need the Eden clown in the photo and appreciate your contacting me! What is the best way to get in touch with you directly? My personal email is: jumpony@hotmail.com
    Thank you sooooooooooooo very much for reading my post and for reading out. I am more than grateful.
    Talk to you soon (hopefully). Thank you again!
    Post Code #24555

  11. Hi Stephanie,
    I’m not sure if my previous response went through since I put my email in it, so I’m sending another response just in case.
    Yes, I very much still need the Eden clown in the photo and are soon appreciative of your contacting me. What is the best way to reach you directly?
    Thank you very, very, much for reading my post and for reaching out. I am super grateful and look forward to speaking with you soon.
    Thank so much again.
    Post Code #24555

  12. Hello , I am also looking for the same clown for my brother for his 21st birthday. He already has one but it has become worn as he has had it for many years. If you find a website that sells them I would be very thankful If you could let me know.
    Post Code #24555

  13. That’s really nice of you to search for this for your brother’s birthday. Yes, if I find any, I’ll certainly let you know and please feel free to do the same. Best of luck searching!
    Post Code #24555

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