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YYYI’m looking for a a 9 inch off-white/greyish bear with a red stitched heart on the left foot. I believe at one point it may have had a ribbon around its neck, but it was long lost. The bear sits up.

My daughter was given this bear when she was born in 2004. Last year she took ”Cuddly” with her on our vacation to Florida. We drove and stopped at a hotel just over the Florida border. The next night as we settled into our Disney hotel, we could not find the bear. We called the hotel for weeks looking for it to no avail. This year for Christmas, her #1 gift she has requested from Santa is to get her Cuddly back. My husband and I have combed the internet. The closest I can find is a Dan Dee bear but it is larger and it has two hearts on the foot instead of one. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much!


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  1. POST CODE #24778

    ebay #200909543418 This is similar but bigger still no manufacturer listed

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