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One of our Fabulous Finders suggests it may be a Chosun or Golden Bear Co. item, as they are lines JCP has carried.

90's JCPenny White Bear with Pink Bow on EarI’m looking for a solid white Teddy bear with a little pink bow in her ear (I think it would be her left ear). She has glass eyes and a pink nose. Shes about 10 to 12 in long I believe. I also think it said JC Penny on the tag on her back, but I couldn’t swear to it. She couldn’t sit up unless propped up.

I got her when I was born back in July of 1992 from my grandma. I had her ’til about a year ago when she just disappeared. My grandma died back in September and having my bear back would really make me feel more connected to her. It breaks my heart not having her. I slept with her every night my whole childhood and most of my teens.

I’m sorry this isn’t much to go on and the picture isn’t really that good. I just moved to another state and all the better pictures are with my mother. I really appreciate any help you can give me.

Thank you so much.


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    Chosun and Golden Bear Co. had made some plushies that were sold at JCPenney’s; I’m not positive, but I wonder if your bear might have been made by one of them?

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