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  1. Any luck? I have the tan and brown version of this dog, and he is my most treasured childhood possession. I received him as a gift at a very young age and now at 24 years old and nearing the arrival of my own daughter still hold him near and dear to me. I know for a fact I have the white and brown one as well as a brown on brown in storage somewhere (my parents would buy them as they saw them throughout the years. knowing the sentamental value) among a hoard of other childhood memories. If you are still in search I would be happy to dig it up and send it your way. :o)

    -Christian Elizabeth
    Post Code #29658

  2. Chris,

    Thanks so much for your comment!

    Yes, I am still looking for the dog. If you are able to find it in storage, and would be willing to send it, I know it would mean so much to my sister.

    Not sure where to do from here. Is there a place for me to provide you with my contact/mailing info other than the comments? Can’t seem to figure it out.
    Post Code #29658

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