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Mary Meyers Dimples Bear in Blue Windup Plays Teddy Bear Picnic I’m looking for a Mary Meyer Musical Dimples Bear in blue. It’s a windup bear that plays Teddy Bear Picnic.

When I was 2 years old my family voluntarily evacuated the Mississippi Gulf Coast for a hurricane heading for Gulfport. Our car broke down. My dad spent 8 hours fixing it, and my mother had to spend that 8 hours with a restless 2 year old in some little town in central Mississippi, in the heat of summer. I picked my own toy out for the first time at one of the stores there. It was a ballerina teddy bear that played “Teddy Bear Picnic” on a wind up music box inside. She is tattered and loved, so 20 years later her tags were illegible, and we don’t know the manufacturer of her.

When I was pregnant the first time and found out I was having a girl, my mother and I were working at the same hospital. We went into the gift shop, and she we found the cutest little pink bear. Low and behold, it was a wind up that played that same “Teddy Bear Picnic” tune she sat and listened to for all those hours that day when I was 2, while she tried to keep me entertained with my new toy. She had to have it for her first grandchild, so that was the first thing our Catherine got as a gift. She is 6 now, and her precious bear still goes everywhere with us (except inside at school) just like a part of the family. We even bought a second in pink, new with tags, last year to put up after the original quit “singing” after too many “baths”, even though she is machine washable.

We weren’t sure if we would have more children, but we found out in March we were pregnant again and this time, it’s a BOY! We are all so very excited, especially my mother. We want to carry on the “Teddy Bear Picnic” tradition and find this bear in blue for our baby boy.

We have looked everywhere and every way we know how. I am reaching out to the collectors and Internet-savvy communities to help me find this treasure. We really want the same bear Catherine has in blue, rather than some other bear that plays the same tune. My mother is searching from North Carolina while I keep searching from Mississippi. I have even found websites as far away as Australia with the pink version, but no blue anywhere. Mary Meyer company indicates he has been discontinued, and they do not have any more in the warehouse.

Please help us complete our family with this special gift for our new baby boy. If anyone can help me find one I would be grateful. I might even be willing to purchase 2 or more if we are able to locate any at all!

Thank you,

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