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  1. I have this elephant. You can have him. I have a question though, mine came with a polka dot blanket. It was my sons favorite and he lost it-do you have the blanket. It would be the best trade ever if you did. He never got attached to the elephant just the blanket. I have a pic if you need to see it. Thanks and let me know if you still need the toy. Liz

  2. Hi Liz!
    Thank you!!!!! I’ll take it and I’m happy to pay you for it. To the best of my recollection, I didn’t have a blanket with mine (I bought mine at Target in late 2011), but send me the picture and if u do indeed have it, it’s yours.
    Let me know what arrangements you want to make regarding the elephant.

  3. I’m also desperately looking for this elephant. My almost two year old son has really done a number on his. I keep washing it but I know it’s only a matter of time before he won’t make it through another cycle. Does anybody have one in good condition you’re willing to part with? Or know where I can get one? Any help is greatly appreciated!

  4. eBay has some that are almost identical if you think he would be okay with it. Good luck in your search!

  5. Too funny. Our baby attached to Ellie like no other. Then he spotted one in Target and fussed til he got it. So now he goes EVERYWHERE with both ‘Ellies’. I frantically searched out two spares online so when they get dirty they get stealthily swapped out for a wash. We even had to get a 5th one because the dog got hold of one. These things are quite the hit. I too wish they were still available.
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  6. Hi! From a different part of the world, I share the same problem! My baby just can’t sleap because of “Jorge” (this same Carters gray elephant).
    I am looking for it everywhere, but I just can’t find. I would deeply appreciate if someone could help me.
    ps: sorry for the English.. If there’s something wrote wrong!
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